Happy Easter 2016!

Edited by Wilma/peris

Edited by Wilma/Peris

In The Netherlands Easter is celebrated on Sunday and Monday and is a public holiday. Schools and offices are closed. We celebrate Easter following the Gregorian calendar.

Not all countries are following the Gregorian calendar, but the Julian one. That’s why Easter isn’t celebrated at the same time in all countries.

As Easter is a Christian celebration, it will not be celebrated in non-Christian countries either apart from minority Christian groups.

This is the case in South Korea. The Christians there do celebrate Easter, but it’s not the country’s public or national holiday.

As Park Si Hoo is a Christian I wish him to have a peaceful Easter celebration with his family and friends. After all of the hard work for “Neighborhood Hero” and new activities waiting for him soon, he deserves some rest to gain new strength!

Of course, I wish all the fans who don’t have an Easter tradition a peaceful and happy time with family and friends as well!

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