Happy 2nd Anniversary of this Blog!


Two years ago I started this blog. I wanted to support Park Si Hoo in my own way. Whatever I have posted since then I asked myself: Would it interest me? Or would I skip it right away? Something like “Only give a present to someone else you would enjoy yourself”.

There are many blogs, fansites and fanclubs for and about
Park Si Hoo. It’s hard to find your own unique way. After two years I can say that I am satisfied, although it is not how I would like it to be yet. There is still room for improvement and always will be!

Past year was busy for our Park Si Hoo himself. His birthday tour, the Ise Shima and Gimje events, the Luxury Brand Award and his first drama after a hiatus since “Cheongdam-dong Alice”. The release of “After Love” will be soon as well as his next birthday tour. Two fan meetings in Japan on May 7 as part of the
“Park Si Hoo Live 2016”. Our man is back on trail and he is happiest of all!

So let’s continue to give our love and support to Park Si Hoo!

Credit: pictures edited by Wilma/Peris

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Happy 2nd Anniversary of this Blog! — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Wilma,
    Wish you to have a blessed Easter and your blog many years to come supporting Park Si Hoo.

    • Thanks for your Easter wishes Daniela. It’s much appreciated.
      Yours will be celebrated much later this year on May 1st. Have a blessed Easter in advance!

      Thank you too to remember this blog’s 2nd anniversary. My support only has become stronger since I became Park Si Hoo’s fan 5 years ago. As I am very faithful and loyal this blog may continue for many years to come!^^

      Have a good weekend Daniela!^^