Photos Final Weekend “Neighborhood Hero” 2016.03.19-20

Last episodes of “Neighborhood Hero” were almost two weeks ago and I still miss it. I want to share behind the scene photos of
Park Si Hoo from this final broadcasting weekend.

160310_38_0049-OCN_epi15_16 160310_38_0192_OCN_epi15_16 160310_38_0236_OCN_epi15_16 160310_38_0430_OCN_epi15_16 160310_38_0939_OCN_epi15_16 160319_40_0456_OCN_epi15_16 160319_40_0532_OCN_epi15_16 160319_40_0622_OCN_epi15_16
Credit: OCNblog, thank you!

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[VDO] Park Si Hoo in “Dear Ai’s Wardrobe” 2016.01.07

Remember how Li Ai invited Park Si Hoo to be her guest in her “Dear Ai’s Wardrobe” fashion program while he was shooting “Neighborhood Hero”? They did a photo shoot together in Myeongdong and Park Si Hoo showed Li Ai around … Continue reading

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More Details “Park Si Hoo Live 2016” 2016.05.07

The ticket sales for “Park Si Hoo Live 2016” have started on March 25 for the Park Si Hoo Japan Official Fan Club members and will last to April 3 (11:59 pm). ENISHI readers have priority from April 6 (7:00 … Continue reading

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Happy Easter 2016!

In The Netherlands Easter is celebrated on Sunday and Monday and is a public holiday. Schools and offices are closed. We celebrate Easter following the Gregorian calendar. Not all countries are following the Gregorian calendar, but the Julian one. That’s … Continue reading

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Park Si Hoo Updated his Weibo 2016.03.25

Finally, Park Si Hoo updated his Weibo account again. A new photo with the text in Korean and Chinese. 오랜만이에요. 모두 잘 지내고 있죠? 好久不见 大家 过得好吧? In English: “It’s been a long time. Are all of you doing well?” … Continue reading

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[VDO] Fragments Episode 16 “Neighborhood Hero” 2016.03.20

Last fragments of “Neighborhood Hero” as chosen by OCN. #1 Si Yoon asks Chan Kyu to be the next shadow when he is gone. They end up hugging each other #2 Jung Soo Hyuk disobeys an order and is shot … Continue reading

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[VDO] Fragments Episode 15 “Neighborhood Hero” 2016.03.19

Coming weekend will be very silent without our Neighborhood Heroes. Let’s view one more time fragments of episode 15 as chosen by OCN. #1 Fight between Baek Si Yoon and Yoon Sang Min at Yoon Sang Min’s office #2 Si … Continue reading

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“Park Si Hoo Live 2016” Starting on 2016.05.07

Park Si Hoo is going to hold two Concerts in Japan on May 7, 2016. 1st  Concert: open 1 pm – start 2 pm 2nd Concert: open 5 pm – start 6 pm Venue: Tokyo International Forum Hall A Credit: … Continue reading

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Happy 2nd Anniversary of this Blog!

Two years ago I started this blog. I wanted to support Park Si Hoo in my own way. Whatever I have posted since then I asked myself: Would it interest me? Or would I skip it right away? Something like “Only give … Continue reading

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