[VDO] Fragments Episode 3 “Neighborhood Hero” 2016.01.30

New for those who couldn’t watch episode 3 of “Neighborhood Hero” and a reminder to those who have. Enjoy watching!^^

#1 Disguised as a Chinese staff member Si Yoon enters a hotel room to save Seo Ahn from a dangerous situation

 Si Yoon confessing his love to Seo Ahn during their Macao operation and asking for her trust

 A strange energy between Chan Kyu and Jung Yeon. Chan Kyu is confused

 Jung Yeon and So Mi conspire to challenge “Neighborhood Hero” Chan Kyu to save So Mi in an alley

 Tae Ho wants to dig into the murder of Seo Joon Suk. The man behind is watching him

Credit: ocn@youtube.com, thank you!

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