Make Your Request for “Neighborhood Hero”

OCN and UXN will start broadcasting “Neighborhood Hero” on January 23, 2016 in Korea. Of course, all Park Si Hoo’s fans from abroad want to watch his new Kdrama as well!

viki01_psh4u_20160109 is streaming in North America, Europe (I have checked it out for The Netherlands) and probably more continents, but not in Asia.

You can submit a form with a request for “Neighborhood Hero” on their site. Let’s make it happen together that every fan can watch “Neighborhood Hero” with English subs! You can submit the form as many times as it is accepted!

Please, click the link to fill in and submit your request:

Credit: parksihoo4u, thank you!

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Make Your Request for “Neighborhood Hero” — 5 Comments

    • Hello Newly, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

      As long as I am Park Si Hoo’s fan you’re the first Dutch fan that is leaving a comment! On all other Park Si Hoo’s blogs or sites I am visiting I always seem to be his only fan from The Netherlands! So I am happy to welcome you here!^^

      Broadcasting on TV here would be a miracle, but is streaming new Kdramas here too as long as they have got the global licence for it. I did check it out before I made this post. The more requests they receive for Neighborhood Hero the better chance they have to get the global licence!^^

      Enjoy your Sunday!

      • Thank you Wilma 😀 .Perhaps the others just don’t discover nor have seen the previous Kdramas and films of PSH yet to admire him 🙂
        Actually I was trying to become a subscriber of your new PSH but I couldn’t get in. It says “Je hebt geen toegang”.
        I will be very happy if you would allow me to become your first PSH subscriber 😀 .

        Thank you… <3

        • Thanks for your feedback Newly.^^

          As far as I know the Dutch are mainly interested in KPop idols and other actors than Park Si Hoo. At the Clubs platform I am still the only one with a club about him.

          I have checked my part as club owner and it is an open club, but you have to be a member of the Clubs platform to become a member of a club on that platform.
          It is easy to sign up for a free account and after that you must have no problem to become a member of the “Park Si Hoo Fanclub NL”.
          I don’t know if you can become a member when you are signed in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.

          I would be honored to welcome you as the first Dutch Park Si Hoo fan since I have started this club!:)