Application for “Neighborhood Hero” Tour Open

Credit photo: twitter, thanks.

Credit photo: twitter, thanks.

The application for the “Neighborhood Hero” tour from
January 14 – 16, 2016 is open.

There are 2 type of tours.

  • One includes airfare from Japan to Korea from 119,800 yen to 129,800 yen depending on the city of departure. A minimum of
    90 members is required.
  • The other can be joined locally in Seoul for 98,000 yen with a minimum of 30 members.

Single rooms are available at a surcharge of 20,000 yen.

Venue: Best Western Premier Seoul Garden Hotel (

Program of the tour:

  1. Visit ParkSi Hoo shooting “Neighborhood Hero” near Seoul
  2. Park Si Hoo will talk about never-before-disclosed details about the drama
  3. Park Si Hoo will autograph never-before-released photos
  4. Original gifts specially prepared by Park Si Hoo and staff for fans

Point 1 of the program will start in the afternoon of the second day.
Points 2 – 4 will take place in the Banquet Hall of the hotel including dinner as well.

The first and third day will be free.

Reservations can be made at PSHTour – http;//

This tour is very important for Park Si Hoo’s comeback in
South Korea. Go to support him, please, if you can!

Credit: parksihoo4u, thank you!

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