Episodes 49 & 50 “My Golden Life” English Subs

Scenes episode 49 "My Golden Life"

Thanks to the help of Seo Tae Soo, Choi Do Kyung is appointed as the new Chairman of Haesung Group. Seo Tae Soo gives Seo Ji An a plane ticket to Finland. He wants her to leave within one week to prepare for her studies and start with a new life.

Video episode #49

The family finds out Seo Tae Soo is having stage 4 stomach cancer. They are looking for the availability of a possible treatment. To get
Choi Do Kyung back on his side, grandfather Noh Yang Ho apoligizes to
Seo Ji An for the humiliation and bad treatment he had done to
Seo Tae Soo. Seo Ji An can’t bear with this. When Choi Do Kyung learns that Seo Ji An is leaving for Finland, he tries to stop her from going.

Video episode #50

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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Episodes 47 & 48 “My Golden Life” English Subs

Scenes episode 47 "My Golden Life"

In episode 47 Seo Tae Soo, Choi Jae Sung and Choi Do Kyung are working together to find the source of published articles about the daughter of the Haesung family being switched. Seo Ji An and Seo Ji Soo are hiding, because their identity is in danger of being exposed.
Seo Tae Soo comes up with a clever plan to solve the problem.

Video episode #47

In episode 48 Seo Tae Soo learns he is at the end of stage 4 stomach cancer. When Seo Ji An finds out that Noh Myung Hee and Choi Jae Sung are dismissed from the Haesung Group board, she calls Choi Do Kyung to offer her help. Seo Tae Soo notices something strange in the list with minority shareholders.

Video episode #48

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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Preview Episode 51 “My Golden Life” 2018.03.10

Preview Episode 51 "My Golden Life"

In Korea it’s last weekend for “My Golden Life”. Last shot of the preview for episode 51 is raising many questions. Is Choi Do Kyung kneeling down to beg for forgiveness of his grandfather’s evil behaviour? Or is he pleading his love for Seo Ji An and begging her father for his approval to date and eventually marry her? Seo Ji An will listen to her father’s final words. So what will it be?

Since a few weeks already I can’t watch through the player of KBS2 anymore, but try yourself first on Saturday March 10, 2018 at 19:55h Korean time!

Credit: KBS Drama & sihoossi park@youtube.com, thank you!

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Preview Episode 49 “My Golden Life” 2018.03.03

Scenes episode 49 "My Golden Life"

At the end of episode 48 of “My Golden Life” Choi Do Kyung did a self-recommendation for the vacancy of CEO. The beginning of episode 49 shows he has been appointed as the new CEO thanks to the help of
Seo Tae Soo. What will this mean for Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An? Although they had broken up after the one week dating, it is clear both hold back their feelings for each other. Father Seo insists his daughter is leaving for Finland within a week to take on the 6 months designer study. Finally, Seo Tae Soo can’t hide his illness for his family anymore……

Credit: MyLoveKBS@youtube.com, thank you!

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Episodes 45 & 46 “My Golden Life” English Subs

Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung (My Golden Life)

Choi Do Kyung sees through the real motives of his mother to allow him to marry Seo Ji An, after having given it some thoughts. He tells her there won’t be a marriage and he won’t return to the Haesung Group family. The day of Choi Do Kyung’s company foundation is also the last day of his dates with Seo Ji An.

Video Episode #45

When Chairman Noh Yang Ho receives Choi Do Kyung’s message in which he refuses to be the President of Haesung Apparel, he collapses and is taken to hospital. This forces Choi Do Kyung to return to Haesung Group and take his seat as the new president of Haesung Apparel, because he feels guilty about what has happened to his grandfather.

Video episode #46

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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Episodes 43 & 44 “My Golden Life” English Subs

Scene "My Golden Life"

Grandpa Noh Yang Ho continues to frustrate Choi Do Kyung’s attempts to start his own business. Seo Ji An is looking for new opportunities to help Choi Do Kyung.

Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An decide to date for one week only and make memories together. Then Choi Do Kyung’s parents tell them unexpectedly they should get married .

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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Preview Episode 48 “My Golden Life” 2018.02.25

The way Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An are behaving makes it hard to believe that they have been in a love relationship for one week. As they agreed upon each of them are responsible for living their own life. However, it looks like Seo Ji An will help Choi Do Kyung, his parents and grandfather to fight the aunt and uncle who are after having full control of Haesung Group!

Credit: KBS Drama & sihoossi park@youtube.com, thank you!

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Preview Episode 45 “My Golden Life” 2018.02.11

Scene episode 44 "My Golden Life"

Although we miss the broadcasting on Saturday, because of the Olympics in Pyeongchang, the preview for episode 45 is out!

Really curious how Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An will decide on the unexpected marriage approval by Noh Myung Hee. Father Seo Tae Soo doesn’t seem to be happy that his daughter is still meeting with
Choi Do Kyung. He wants her to study in Finland instead, because she is one of the winners of the design competition!

Credit: KBS Drama & sihoossi park@youtube.com, thank you!

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Adjusted Broadcasting Schedule “My Golden Life”

End scene episode 44 "My Golden Life"

Due to the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang KBS has announced an adjustment in the broadcasting schedule for “My Golden Life”.


Starting Sunday February 25 broadcasting schedule will be back to normal again!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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Episodes 41 & 42 “My Golden Life” English Subs

Episodes 41 & 42 show the ugly sides of Haesung Group family. First
Choi Do Kyung’s grandfather enters the share house and when he encounters both his grandson and Seo Ji An there, he became very insulting towards her and demands his grandson to come back immediately. Lee Yong Gook stopped Noh Yang Ho from taking further action, because he is the grandson of a much more powerful and wealthier family. Therefore, the share house is a safe place for both Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An. Grandfather’s alternative was going to Seo Tae Su’s house and insulting and hitting him in the face. Not long after Seo Ji An moved into her parents’ house to live with them again.

Video episode #41

After Choi Do Kyung, Seo Ji An and Sun Woo Hyuk prevented Seo Ji Soo from leaving to study abroad by forcing her mother’s car to stop, she was taken to the share house too with the help of Lee Yong Gook.
Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An went to his parents’ house to plead for
Seo Ji Soo to let her live the life she wanted. Now Choi Do Kyung experienced first hand everything he had been told about his mother was the truth, when she shouted loud to stop Seo Ji An from speaking.
Choi Jae Sung learned for the first time that his daughter was forced to study abroad by her mother. He stepped forward to help her.

Video episode #42

Credit: KBS World TV, thank you!

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