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It is possible to watch Park Si Hoo’s dramas and his first movie “Confession of Murder” online. All of the links, except the one for “Let’s Get Married”, offer 3 to 5 screens to choose from. Just see which one is working for you. All have English subs. Do you like a drama or the movie? Then you can order at a webshop like Yesasia. Not all dramas are still available, but you may be lucky.



Let’s Get Married Episode 1 #01

and so on





Which Star Are You From?
Episode 1 and so on










How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor
Episode 1 and so on











Iljimae Episode 1 and so on











Family Honor
 Episode 1 and so on










Queen of Reversals Episode 1 and so on










Prosecutor Princess Episode 1 and so on









The Princess’ Man Episode 1 and so on











Cheongdam-dong Alice Episode 1 and so on









  Neighborhood Hero Episode 1 and so on






Poster "My Golden Life"




   My Golden Life Episode 1 and so on





Poster "Lovely Horribly"


Lovely Horribly Episode 1 and so on










Confession of Murder
















Credit pictures: Google Images and Gooddrama, thank you!


Watch PSH Dramas Online — 12 Comments

  1. I have added the link for Park Si Hoo’s current airing weekend drama “Neighborhood Hero”. Also I have changed most of the other links, because I have found another site which offers much better quality, full episodes and no pop-ups at all. Enjoy watching!^^

  2. I noticed the link for “Neighborhood Hero” didn’t work anymore. I have adjusted this. Now episode 1 will show up again. Under the video you’ll see a button for 2nd episode and so on. Scrolling down the page you can also enter all other episodes.

    Same goes for all other drama links. Once you have watched first episode you can either use the next button or scroll down the page.

    • I have checked all drama links. All are working correct again.
      Enjoy watching Park Si Hoo’s dramas. They all have its own charm!:-)

  3. Dear fellow Park Si Hoo fans. I have changed the links from dramacool into those of gooddrama again. When I wanted to re-watch “Family Honor” I had trouble to create a free account at dramacool. Simply said, I was refused. As I want every fan, including me, to be able to watch Park Si Hoo’s dramas as many times as we want to, I have returned to gooddrama. Enjoy watching!^^

  4. Thank you so much, Wilma dear, for the links to PSH’s dramas & movies.
    Love every single minute of re-watching them! Cheers! 🙂

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