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One of the ways to support Park Si Hoo is leaving your votes on various online voting sites.

Some of them accept one vote every 24 hour. Sometimes you can vote multiple times a day and sometimes a limit isn’t set. When you want to leave your vote always keep in mind you don’t let it interrupt with your daily obligations and always take care of your health.

When you click the links a new screeen will be opened.


Currently you have to registrate on before you can leave your votes. Click “Sign up” right on top of the page to create an account (fill in email address and password). You will receive a confirmation email from “admin” with a link you have to click on to complete the registration. Check your spam folder if necessary. Once you have created and confirmed your account you can vote on all sites as soon as you have signed in.



These are Korean voting sites with weekly rounds.
At #1 and #2 you can vote for Park Si Hoo.
At #3 you can vote for Cheongdam-dong Alice and The Princess’ Man.

#1 and #3 up to 5 votes every 24 hours and per IP address.
#2 remains 1 vote every 24 hours per IP address.


This site has explanation in English and has a monthly winner.
Park Si Hoo has already won several months in a row.
One vote every 24 hours and per IP address.
You need to be logged in (several possibilities) before you can vote.


Park Si Hoo is moving up slowly here.
One vote every 24 hours and per IP address.


#7 (best couple)


#6, #7 and #8 are Chinese voting sites and considered to be very important to Park Si Hoo.

At #6 and #7 one vote every 24 hours and per IP address.

At #7 search for Park Si Hoo and Kim So Yeon and 3 more couples at page 1.

At #8 you can vote without a limit. The weekly rounds end on Saturday at midnight.


Here you can leave your vote every 12 hours and per IP address.


Here you can leave your vote every 24 hours and per IP address.


Vote for 2014 Korean dramas.
Just click on drama titles — all 6 of them:

検事プリンセス (Prosecutor Princess)
王女の男 (The Princess’s Man)
家門の栄光 (Family Honor)
逆転の女王 (Queen of Reversals)
清潭洞<チョンダムドン>アリス 청담동 앨리스 清潭洞愛麗絲 (Cheongdamdong Alice)
完璧な恋人に出会う方法* (How to meet a perfect neighbor)

Scroll down to click rectangular box at bottom to VOTE.
One vote per IP address a day.


BEST KOREAN MOVIE – From 4/14/2014

1. Click box to left of COM – 殺人の告白(내가 살인범이다)
2. Click box to left of Scent
3. Click box to left of After Love
4. Scroll down to bottom to click rectangular grey box to VOTE.


Vote for “Confession of Murder” as BEST MOVIE.
Just click on COM and scroll down to VOTE.
Up to 5 votes per IP address a day.

#14 ~ Closed!

For voting instructions see “Vote for Park Si Hoo on 2015 Asian Male God”

#15 ~ Closed!

Running from 2014.05.20 to 2014.06.30.

You can leave your vote once a day per IP address.

See also:


When you need more detailed voting instructions of any of these voting sites I refer to PSH4U. They explain everything clearly in a separate article. Just search for the link you need to know more about.

Let’s join in the voting!


Credit: ParkSiHoo4U, thank you!


Vote for PSH — 19 Comments

  1. At voting site #3 Cheongdam-dong Alice is in 1st place and The Princess’ Man is in 3rd place now. It is even possible that The Princess’ Man will move up to 2nd place!^^

  2. It looks like the voting on site #9 started from zero again. Park Si Hoo is now in third position. Current ranking: #1 Park Yong Ha 348 votes (26,1%); #2 Rain 199 votes (14,9%); #3 Park Si Hoo 145 votes (10,8%).

    Let’s bring Park Si Hoo back to #1 again. He has been there for months before the reset of the counter!^^

  3. Park Si Hoo moved up to 3rd position on Korean Stars Popularity Ranking (#5). His total amount of votes is 262,993 at the moment. The gap with 2nd position is nearly 200,000 votes. Let’s keep voting to make this gap smaller.^^

  4. Since a few hours Park Si Hoo’s page on has been blocked. Something smells fishy. I was able to vote for a short time in my morning and Si Hoo ssi was over 10 millions votes behind the number one already. My votes were often not counted, the site stuttered and then it went offline with a 403 page. Hope the organizers will notice they blocked Si Hoo ssi unjustly and restore his voting page soonest possible. Please, keep trying once in a while if his page is back online again. And if you speak Chinese, please, contact with the organizers about this unfair matter! Thank you!

  5. Did you notice that on site #12 Park Si Hoo’s movies – Confession of Murder, Scent and After Love (which has still to be released) – are ranking #1, #2 and #3?

    Park Si Hoo is getting strong support.^^ Fighting!!

  6. Voting site #9 has started a new round. At the moment Park Si Hoo is ranked at #3. Let’s vote him back to #1 again!^^

  7. Links to vote on #10, #11, #12 have been adjusted because of change. From now on you can only cast one vote per category.

  8. Wiilma, we can vote Park Si Hoo on this link, it is open for 2017:
    It’s another round for Asian male god which began November 26 2016 and will end on 31 March 2017. So we can vote for Park Si Hoo until then, which is now in 7th place.

    • I know Dana. I have this voting site sticky on the homepage for a longer time already and I’m about to upload a new post. It is very exciting! Thanks for mentioning!

    • It is for a long time already that PSH remains in 2nd position on this site Angeline! We were spoilt in the past that PSH was in top position week after week! All we can do is to continue with leaving our votes!

      • Taken note, Wilma. Shall continue with leaving our votes for PSH.
        In our hearts, we always consider PSH as our #1. ^^ Fighting!

  9. Site #4 – Unable to access into this voting site. Message shown “An Error Occurred”. Is anyone facing the same problem? Or does anyone know what is happening? Thank you in advance.

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