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Welcome to and thank you for visiting this blog dedicated to Korean actor Park Si Hoo. I started this blog in March 2014 and it is filled with lots of material about Park Si Hoo. I hope you like it and will continue your visits to this blog. Your comments are appreciated, but not obligated at all.

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I want a community with people who really love Park Si Hoo and want to share their love for him with like-minded people. Ever since I got to know about Park Si Hoo my admiration for him has only increased. He is such a fine man and great actor. Always putting his all in everything he is doing! Park Si Hoo has many talents. One of them is also being very kind to his fans. He really has a  warm personality!

I will share all the things I think is worth to be shared and known about Park Si Hoo. Mostly already existing material, but I will give it a swing of my own. I will also share some of my own creativity by writing own posts and creating MVs.

Thanks again for your visit and you are welcome to return anytime!


To All Park Si Hoo Fans — 76 Comments

  1. I just found this blog, and I am very happy. many who love PSH as I love him. each read stories of people who ever met with PSH they would say he was a very friendly and warm I was really touched. although it has never met him I could feel that he is a very nice person and I love him very much, only PSH and forever.

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment Ratna Dilla. I didn’t meet Park Si Hoo in person myself, but all fans who happened to have met him will testify he is a warm man. His smile and his interaction with his fans are his trademarks. Feel free to come back anytime.

      • Dear Wilma, I’m Aniko from Hungary. We are in Seoul now. Would you help me please where can we find the family house in Buyeo?
        Thanks Aniko

  2. I just found this blog again. I am not quite familiar with the address. so I find it difficult to find this address. now I will record it, to be able to visit anytime.

    Although it has never met directly with PSH, by reading the fans who’ve met him it was like our own experience ^^

    • Hi Ratna, welcome back!

      Yes, you’re right. I joined PSH4U almost from the start of the blog around November 2011. It is also how I came to know a lot about Park Si Hoo.

      Because of the URL which is carrying my own name and operating from The Netherlands this blog is not directly connected with Park Si Hoo. However, I found out that when you search in Google with the keywords Park Si Hoo Wilma, you will see posts from this blog appear.

      Also, as you are a member of PSH4U as well, when I have commented and you click on my name, you will be taken to this blog too.^^

  3. Hi Wilma! Any more updates about our charismatic actor Park Si Hoo? There is nothing on the net after his Jeju Island trip. Like you and Ratna, even though fans from other parts of the world aren’t able to meet Park SH in person, meeting him via pictures and posts posted by others who have the opportunity to meet him is just like meeting charismatic Park SH himself.
    Many thanks to these fans who post pictures and news about Park SH!

    • Hi D Lee! No official news so far. Yesterday another group of fans visited his new HOO Factory office. I don’t know if PSH has returned from Jeju to surprise his fans at dinner like he did last weekend.

      As a fan of PSH you should get used to periods of silence. And then all of the sudden it can be hectic again. Meanwhile, all his true fans take care on social media, fan blogs and so on that he won’t be forgotten!

      On We Chat PSH is keeping his Chinese fans updated with his daily life, but any fan can be a member. You can be a free VIP member or a paid VIP member. The advantage of the latter is that is you will be updated with many videos of PSH’s events and more and more exclusive photos you won’t see elsewhere as it is not allowed to share from the Paid section. Please, click this link for a detailed explanation on how to become a member!

  4. It seems like Park SH can sing and play musical instruments too, eh? If indeed he can sing and play musical instruments and together with modelling and acting, I would say that this charismatic guy is indeed an all rounder in the entertainment field. Lucky chap all right!

    Most of his fans seem to be in their teens, 20s and 30s. Ha..ha..I, however, belong to the oldie group. I hope Park SH doesn’t mind having fans past 50 years of age. πŸ˜€

    • You’re right PSH has many talents. He is working hard to improve his skills and show us more again and again. His first concert was in Tokyo last May and more recently he was invited to Tokyo Seaside Festival in Odaiba where he performed in the afternoon and evening. PSH indeed is an allrounder and a good one on top!

      Don’t worry about your age. I am an oldie as well. People tend to say: Age is just a number! PSH has his fans in all categories of age. Even a Chinese granny of 80+ who has welcomed him more than once at the airport in China! PSH has a very loyal fanbase from all over the world and we consider ourselves a sisterhood connected by our love for our idol PSH!

      Have a nice weekend D Lee!^^

  5. Yes Wilma and D Lee, PSH has many fans all over the world, and his fans are not only around 2os, 30s a.s.o. D Lee you belong to the oldie group? No D Lee , you are young as far as I’m 78, and I’m proud of my age.And I feel also young in mind, in spirit, in my heart and in love for this gorgeous actor, who is PSH. And I do believe that my support for him will be welcomed, even if it comes from an oldie. But as far as my health will allow me, I’ll be happy and honored to belong to this wonderful sisterhood for our beloved PSH.
    Have a nice a peaceful weekend my sisters!Or shall I say, my daughters?

    • Stefi, the way you leave your comments I didn’t expect you are nearing your 80s! So you see, age is really a number! One of my voluntary colleagues is 75+ and she is young in mind, spirit and everything as well. Despite the age gap of 20 years we feel like the same age! Although I don’t feel like my calendar age at all. Around 40s is more like it. It is also the age people usually give me.

      Sister is fine to me Stefi!^^

  6. Thanks for the info. It’s very kind of you to share it with me. It’s good to know that PSH has fans in all categories of age. I am happy to know that you are an oldie like me too. At least I won’t have to feel so alone. πŸ™‚
    Have a nice weekend too, Wilma.

  7. Wilma, I’m sorry but I don’t know why my comment has come as belonging to Lee.If it’s my mistake once again sorry.
    Have a nice weekend!

    • No idea what happened Stefi. Or I must have caused trouble, because I was working on the ftp-server, which turned not out well at all. As you can see, I have changed Lee to stefi!^^

  8. Dear sisters, Wilma and D Lee, thanks for encouraging me.
    Among young people I feel younger too.So stay young.
    Have a nice weekend both of you!

  9. Glad to know both of you, Wilma and Stefi. I guess we belong to the PSH’s group of fans regardless of whether we are in our 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. Thanks Wilma, for reminding me that age is a number. I bet PSH would be grinning from ear to ear to know that we English- speaking fans hold him in high esteem and adore him for who he is. Three cheers for PSH and three cheers for us, English-speaking fans of his!

    Coming back to another topic about PSH, I just wonder why he has yet to settle down.Celebrities can be lonely too. They may be busy working on acting projects, concerts etc but at the end of the day they still need to have a family of their own, especially for men as they need to have offspring to carry on the family name.Celebrities need to have a family to come home to after a hard day’s work.

    I stand corrected though.

    • PSH has put in much effort and time to build up his career and HOO Factory, D Lee. Recently he replied to a question that if he had to choose between romance and work, romance comes first now. It takes two for romance though. Personally, I think PSH has become more cautious after his deception shortly after finishing “Cheongdam-dong Alice”. He must have been hurt deeply. Although PSH still sees the good in every person, he has to be aware not every human being is like him. When a woman wants to connect with him, he needs to be sure she has no utlerior motives and really likes him for who he is and not because of his hallyu star status or his money.

      I dare say a celebrity can be more lonely than an average human being. All fans are wishing PSH to start his own family, because he deserves it. No signs yet something is going on in private life though.

  10. Yes, PSH certainly deserves to start his own family. I pray hope he will soon find the woman of his dreams, one who will accept him for who he is and what he stands for and is prepared to stand by him for better for worse. One who will love him whole-heartedly and be a pillar of strength for him.

    I can understand the harrowing experience he went through then. But, I am real glad that the storm is over and he handled himself well and managed to make a comeback. However, there are some nasty quarters whom I believe adopt the ‘holier than thou’ attitude and seem dead set in giving PSH a hard time. These types of people are the ones who can’t seem to move on with life. They prefer to dwell in the past and at every opportunity, try their utmost best to be nasty. πŸ™

    • Whether we like it or not there will always be groups of people who want to give PSH a hard time no matter what or how. It is to us not to give them a platform on social media. Ignoring them and support PSH the best we can, will silence them on the long run, because then there is no fun anymore.

  11. I have yet to watch Neighbourhood Hero but it seems to be this year’s Korean drama project which Park starred in, eh? I believe it’s a new broadcasting company, OCN’s project.

    A good start for PSH to be involved in dramas again. Hopefully, there will be more period dramas for him to be involved in.

    PSH looked very adorable with a moustache and some beard in the finale of Ijimae. In the Princess’ Man, he had tinge of moustache. He truly looked rugged in his ninja type of outfit, don’t you think so?

    • That’s right. In january this year started the broadcasting of Neighborhood Hero by OCN. PSH surpassed himself again. The ending left room for a possible sequel of this drama. I wouldn’t mind as Baek Si Yoon was a great character.

      Personally, I don’t really like moustaches and beards, but it suited PSH and made him look totally different. Yes, I liked Kim Seung Yoo in the ninja outfit best. Someone you can’t ignore.

  12. PSH seems to leave a mark behind in every project of his. Every drama/ movie of his be it in the leading role or supporting role, he delivered his best. His dedication and charisma have in one way or another captivate his fans.

    The Princess’ Man and Ijimae ( just finished watching ) are the two dramas of PSH which I have watched and I am already captivated. I salute him indeed.

  13. I used to watch Korean Dramas on YouTube but the screen is rather small and sometimes not all the episodes are uploaded. While surfing to get other websites, I chanced upon this one- When I log onto this website, I find that I am able to watch Korean dramas listed alphabetically. In short, from A-Z and I can watch the dramas to my heart’s content. I watched the Princess’ Man and Ijimae from this website.

    Just like to share something that I chanced upon. You, Stefi and the others may probably have known about this website long before me. Still, it’s nice to share something with you, Wilma. You’ve been imparting lots of PSH details to me, so I just want to share a wee bit with you.

    • Thanks for the link to this streaming website D Lee! I didn’t know this one yet. I’ve gone through the listing and it seems you can watch all PSH’s dramas there!^^

      Sometimes websites don’t stream everywhere. Dramafever, for instance, is a very good one, but mainly for the Americas. As a free member I can only watch a select group of dramas. In the list with dramas which are allowed to stream in my region only 2 of PSH’s dramas are listed. So Dramafever is not that interesting for me, although I am still a free member there. Same goes for Viki. I could subscribe for a premium membership there which is not that expensive, but still I can’t watch everything I would like or there are no English subs. Still Viki offers me more than Dramafever. My alternative is Gooddrama. The dramas are split up in episodes, but it is a stable website you can rely upon.

      So I am glad with your recommendation. I have saved it in my favorites of the webbrowser!

  14. Gee, Wilma! You have about 104 pages on your page. I will have to backtrack to read about all that I am not aware of pertaining to PSH. Will do so diligently bit by bit. πŸ™‚

    I read about PSH in Wikipedia, it doesn’t say much about PSH’s family life ( only a bit ) and religion. Is he a Roman Catholic or a Buddhist? I reckon Koreans are either Roman Catholics or Buddhists. Just a presumption. πŸ™‚

    • You think 104 pages is many? Compared to other PSH blogs/websites and so on it is just not that many. I don’t post anything. I am very selective and upload and edit/resize photos first to fit in here. Also with events I post later too depending on my time and if I judge it worth to post. Also I don’t want to post anything which is not allowed by PSH or his staffs. Sometimes it is hard to judge this. So it helps I am at least a paid WeChat member. You can read in the “About” page on top how I use to work. Just take your time!

      PSH and his family are Roman Catholics. The Christians are just a small part of the Koreans. Korea celebrates Christmas, but New Year (Seollal) is based upon the lunar calendar and later than our New Year.

  15. Hee..hee..I saved nice photos of PSH in a folder and a thumb drive. I am so glad that you posted so many of his photographs on your page/ blog. Thank you, Wilma.

    I hope PSH and his staff will get to know of your blog and compile it into a book too.

    • Your’re welcome D Lee! When I first became PSH’s fan I was happy with all the photos which were shared by PSH4U and collected them in a folder too!^^

      Nance had compiled the posts of her website into a book herself as a birthday gift for PSH which he much appreciated.
      PSH seems to visit and have logged blogs/websites he thinks worth to surf to keep informed about how his fans respond to him.
      This website is just one of the many!
      I appreciate your wish D Lee!^^

  16. I am glad that the link given is of good use. I watch most of the dramas online for free. You needn’t have to sign up to be a member. Just watch online for free is good enough.

    If PSH does visit or log onto your blog, I guess he will have to have someone who knows English to translate it for him. Nance’s blog is bilingual I think.

    Though I am a Chinese, I am afraid I know next to nothing about the Chinese Language. Rather embarrassing, eh?
    I can speak a wee bit of Mandarin ( out of tune though ) and can understand a little but I totally can’t read Chinese characters. Both your blog and Nance’s blog are good enough for me as yours is fully English and hers contains bilingual news about PSH.

    I believe both of you have done all of us PSH fans a world of good. You both share news and photographs of PSH and I am very thankful. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you D Lee. Chinese is one of the languages I believe I would never be able to learn. Japanese has Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana characters. I believe the Kanji is close to the Chinese characters. The moment I started to focus on Korean I forgot about the little Japanese I tried to learn. I think I am too much used to the western characters. Greek has its archaic alphabet. Also not easy to get familiar with.

  17. Let’s just stick to English when communicating and watch PSH Korean dramas/ movies for leisure. Life is certainly blissful this way.

    Are you able to log onto the link given? You can watch all of PSH’s dramas in the list given. Happy watching…:-)

  18. Hi Wilma. I have just started watching the first episode of Cheongdam-dong Alice, pausing it to text you this message. πŸ™‚

    PSH has such an arresting look that he simply makes me swoon. Gosh, it simply beats me how he can be so good-looking!

    I believe this drama shows more of the upper class Koreans and the way they lavish themselves with designer goods, eh? There are also parts where French is being used. Do these actors/ actresses really speak French or is it a dubbed version? Or could it be that they practise the French parts till they are fluent in it?

    I have yet to hear PSH speak French? His voice is as arresting as his looks. Gee..such a good-looking chap and he is still single.

    I don’t know if I am going to like this particular drama but I will carry on watching and see how it goes. This is the first modern day drama that I am watching. Have been watching all sageuk dramas as they are more of my cup of tea. Don’t know how modern day dramas will fare as yet.

    • It seems most Koreans only speak Korean D Lee. So my guess is that if they have to speak another language they just practice the script lines until it sound fluent.

      In this drama you see the difference between the upper class people and how they use to live and the working class people like Han Se Kyung.

      Most of PSH’s dramas are modern day dramas. So I hope PSH encourages you to watch at least the ones he has a role in!^^

  19. I honestly don’t understand how PSH and his counterparts can have such flawless skin. Goodness, PSH is so fair and his face is so smooth and silky, I find it a bit overwhelming! Even the actresses have flawless skin.

    I am so used to seeing poorer folks living in the rural areas and the way they are dressed in the sageuk dramas so much so that seeing such well-dressed and high class folks in modern dramas kind of make me feel off balance. It’s like being transported into a different world.

    I have to switch my mode from sageuk to modern. πŸ™‚

    • Taking care of good skin care is of high priority in Korea. PSH is all natural, but he uses masks and so on and drinks a lot of water to keep his skin in good condition.

      It is common in Korea to have cosmetic surgery if you don’t feel fine with how you look like. Nose and eye corrections or making the face look smaller seem to be favorite. Moon Geun Young (Han Se Kyung) is known for being natural too, but the two other actresses did cosmetic surgery. After doing such a thing your face is looking like a mask when you laugh.

      A friend with Korean roots told me when Koreans are more browned skinned it is a sign they are working on the land or are from rural areas. So it’s more common with farmers or the commoners as in the sageuks.

  20. Aha, here I am again. I have watched till the part where he watched the recording of how he bamboozled his father and then he laughed heartily about it.

    What a cute way of laughing? It just shows that PSH puts his heart and soul into every character he plays. It’s not easy I believe. I read somewhere, an interview of some sort in which PSH said that it took him a while to unwind from his Kim Seung Yu / the Princess’ Man character. I don’t know how he manages to set apart his own self from the character he plays, it must be hard and tiring.

    I always feel that when one has immersed oneself into a character in a drama or film, one’s true self merged with the character played and sometimes it can be hard to distinguish one self from the other and vice versa.

    Rather tough being an actor/ actress, eh?

    • You’re right D Lee. Once PSH has accepted a new role he becomes that character as long as the filming is going on. It is not easy. Only very talented people like PSH can make you forget the real person in life. For me every character PSH has played is like a living human being I could meet on the streets (I’m living too far away, but let’s forget about that! :-p)

      Once PSH said too that in every role is something of himself as well. When you can pick out those character traits from every character portrayed, you should be able to visualize the man Park Si Hoo in daily life.

      PSH is just a gorgeous and very interesting man!^^

  21. It’s better to be natural. For Moon Geun Young to maintain her natural look, good for her.

    As for PSH using masks and so on I guess he is the metro sexual type of guy who takes particular care about grooming. It’s good for guys to groom themselves but they must always maintain their manly persona. πŸ™‚

    Well, I shall try to get used to watching PSH modern dramas. It’s a bit difficult though as sageuk dramas have somehow attracted my full attention. Watching modern dramas is like trudging uphill for me. Am huffing and puffing away as it’s quite hard to get into the groove of it. πŸ™‚

    • I’m sure you will get used to watch modern dramas sooner or later D Lee! It always takes time for a change. Just allow yourself this change! πŸ™‚

  22. From the two sageuk dramas of PSH, I could see him through the characters he portrayed. He portrays himself well in the types of problems we face in life which is why he is as gorgeous and interesting as you said.

    He makes us feel what he felt in the character he played. I could feel every happy, sad, or worried etc emotion that he displayed in his character. Sometimes when certain parts of the story depicts a sad situation we cry because we identify the sad circumstances. But in both PSH’s dramas which I watched, I could feel the circumstance which he portrayed. When he cried, I cried. When he felt frustrated, I felt frustrated. When he was elated, I felt elated.

    I don’t know if you or any other fans feel the same way I felt. PSH’s ability in making me as an audience feel his emotions in the characters he played is the very reason why I feel that he is second to none where acting is concerned.

    I presume many fans, especially the younger ones tend to go bonkers over the looks of their idols. I am more impressed with the acting ability first then the looks. I daresay that goes for you too, Wilma. Which is the reason why both of us have been sharing and exchanging views since the day I discovered this page of yours. πŸ™‚

    • I feel the same like you D Lee. PSH takes me with his acting totally in the drama. I am more like a participant than a watcher from behind a monitor. That is the magic of PSH.

      It’s true. Good looks only can’t keep me attached to a person, if there is nothing more. PSH has a magnetism with his acting which is keeping me in his circle. πŸ˜€

  23. Hi Wilma. In Cheongdam-dong Alice, Cheongdam-dong seems like a city for the rich and famous. If my memory serves me well, I think PSH has a condominium unit in Cheongdam-dong. If so, he is filthy rich then, right? I also read somewhere that he is building his own house on his family’s ancestral land. But I did read in the intro page of somewhere which states that PSH had to sleep in the narrow walkway of the fitness centre which he worked when he first started working.

    I also tried to find out info if PSH is one of the 10 highest paid Korean male stars, sad to say he is not. Are you able to enlighten me further? Thank you.

    • PSH comes from a rich family, but he started his career on his own account. That’s why he slept in the basement of a fitness centre and had to protect himself against the rain with news papers.

      It is correct PSH is being his own house from scratch on his family’s ancestral land.

      I am not really interested in how rich PSH might be. I am just happy he is able to support his family and himself and thinks of others too through charity D Lee.

  24. I guess I am trying to piece together PSH’s life. It is nice to know more about him for who he is besides his vocation as an actor cum entertainer. πŸ™‚

  25. You are right about the face looking like a mask. I noticed that those who have gone under the knife to enhance their beauty have stiff smiles. I suppose when the skin is pulled at all angles, there is little room left for flexibility thus the mask-like faces and smiles when don’t really look natural.

    Thank God, PSH is all natural as you mentioned above.

  26. I typed on the wrong page thus posting the same views here.

    Er..Cheongdam-dong kind of life is not for me. I prefer a simple life.
    As good as he is in his portrayal of Jean Thierry Cha, I hope he doesn’t lead this kind life in real life.

    The rich and famous kind of life is a bit unreal to me. I believe these rich people can’t really lead a down to earth life when practically each and every item they wear and each and every morsel they put into their mouths are all staggeringly expensive.

    The dollar note symbol does not signify happiness. The middle and simple path in life is the best.

    • PSH is a normal guy, D Lee. When you see his non-professional postings you would not believe he comes from a rich family. Of course, you can notice from the quality of his clothes he is not a poor guy. PSH goes for quality, but he can afford it. However, he has also some favorite clothes he wears more than once. I am not on the look out for that, but other fans have an eagle eye for that. πŸ™‚

  27. Yes, I agree with you on PSH’s ability to support himself and his family and to do his part for charity. It’s like giving back to the society. I am glad that he is down to earth and wonderful in his own way. Also glad to know that he was willing to start his own career on his own account.

  28. Hi there, Wilma! I have just finished browsing through your page till page 3. Gosh! You have compiled a lot about our dear PSH. Why don’t you compile it into a book too for PSH?

    I believe yours will be entirely different from Nance”s. Since you have devoted so much time setting up this blog, it would certainly worth your while to compile it into a hard copy. I am certainly proud of your endeavour and I am positive that PSH would feel the same, perhaps even more as the whole compilation is about him, Park Shi Hoo!.

    • Thanks for your suggestion D Lee. I feel honored that you think it worth to compile a book of this site for PSH as well, but to me it would feel like copying Nance. It has been her idea to do this with her posts as a birthday gift for PSH. It would not originate from my own ideas you know and that doesn’t feel good to me.

      Oh, Nance and I share our love for PSH, but we have totally different ways to express it. So you’re right it would also be two totally different books! πŸ˜€

  29. Hi, Wilma. Gee, I feel rather uneasy that I keep bothering you with my endless questions. I remember reading somewhere that PSH went to the USA for a six-month holiday in 2013. I don’t seem to be able to find any news about his holiday over there. Did you gather any news about his holidays in the USA?

  30. I do wish that there are other fans who can post their views about PSH too. Maybe most of PSH’s fans are Korean, Japanese and Chinese speaking ones.

    • Wow, I wrote back but forgot to post the comment first! πŸ™

      If you want more interaction between fans, Nance’s fb page of her website is the best place to go. Overall, all fans have their favorite websites/blogs and this one is a quiet one when it comes to commenting.

      Do you have an Instagram account? As soon as PSH has posted something on his personal Instagram account fans from everywhere are buzzing like bees there. πŸ™‚

  31. Thank you for correcting my typo, Wilma. I like interacting with you. Merely a bit worried that you might find me a pest, for I keep asking you endless questions.

    Anyway, I shall continue reading your 105-106 blog and absorb details about PSH. I am afraid I am not computer savvy/ IT savvy. I don’t have Instagram etc. Besides, my computer is the Window XP type, rather archaic thus I can’t access anything too sophisticated.

    It’s all right, Wilma. I am happy just interacting with you. Just don’t mind my ignorance about PSH. Am just picking up, bit by bit. πŸ™‚

    • You’re always welcome D Lee and I’ll answer your questions as long as I know the answers myself or where I probably can find them to link you to it! πŸ™‚

  32. I also saw PSH masks on sale on I guess PSH besides being an actor cum entertainer, has also branched out into other fields like publishing his own magazine, producing his own mask /skin care products etc.

    I am all for it as branching out would give him something to fall back on in the later years when he gets older.

    Before I sign off, I still feel that it will be good for you to compile a hard copy of your hard work. No doubt it might sound like following Nance’s idea but you can do it in your own way. But then again, it all depends on whether you have the time to spare and whether you are game for it. This is merely my personal view as I noticed that you’ve devoted a lot of time working on this PSH blog of yours and thought that perhaps a hard copy is more tangible.:-)

    • PSH has started as a model and he is still doing this besides his acting. Lately, it is especially about skin care and he is also running a CF for EXODEN which is about teeth care.

      I appreciate your personal view D Lee! As long as I don’t have a voice from within directing me doing something like this I am happy to maintain this website as it is!

  33. Hi, Wilma. Christmas is just around the corner and I believe you will be busy with your Christmas preparations. As such, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.

    I would like to wish dear PSH and family A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year too. Since I don’t know how to convey the greetings to him, I shall just do so on your page.

    Till then. Cheers!

    • Hi D Lee. Yes I am busy with more projects besides that it is Christmas Time as well. Thanks for your wishes. Wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2017 as well! πŸ™‚

      PSH will appreciate your Chrismas wishes for him and his family! Thank you on his behalf!

      Enjoy the weekend! πŸ˜€

  34. Hi Wilma. Just want to share some views with you. I happened to chance upon an article about other actors being accused of the similar kind of assault which our dear PSH was accused of some three years ago.

    I do have this nagging feeling that perhaps some quarters are just out to tarnish actors who are popular and have made a name for themselves. Seems to me like the same kind of motive is being used and after a ruckus has been created, the charges are dropped, the case is dismissed and the poor victim has to take a break for a while before he can move on.

    I guess I don’t need to be a Sherlock Holmes to detect something fishy going on. My heart really goes out to PSH who had to go through such an ordeal. Though I read the news about his ordeal just recently, I can’t help feeling for him and with him the harrowing experience he had to go through. Thank God, it’s now a thing of the past but then again, there are also certain quarters who just won’t let sleeping dogs lie.

    With PSH putting the past behind him and moving on with a positive attitude and strength, I can’t help but adore and respect him even more than ever. Three cheers for PSH!

    • D Lee I really don’t like to talk about this, because it is in the past and no need to get back to it. However, I’ve read those articles too and if I remember well some were going to investigate this, but never heard more about it. PSH was at his top back then and an easy to target person because of his good nature. I am very happy we as his fans were able to help him get through this and make a re-start. It is also the reason why there is such a strong connection between PSH and his fans. The ones who didn’t leave him after what had happened are his most loyal fans in the world. We have done it before and we will do it again if we have to. We will fight for his protection against malicious practices. As you noticed people who want to harm and disgrace PSH are still around. We help PSH best by our support and let the past in the past. That’s the best way to silence those kind of people. They don’t like to be ignored.

      I’m happy too you have a clear mind in considering all what has happened in the past and joined PSH’s most loyal group of fans! πŸ˜€

  35. My apologies for bringing up the past. I didn’t know about what happened then. Even so, I am all for PSH. What happened then is as far as I am concerned a speck of dust billowing in the wind.

    Yes, you are right about silencing malicious quarters by letting the past be the past. Anyway, though I just recently get to know PSH through the Princess’ Man, he had already garnered my respect and support, respect and support for who he is, what he stands for and his ability to stand strong and rise above the setbacks he encountered in life. These are the traits I noticed in him through his acting, his eyes and his expressions.

    And, thank you for regarding me as one of PSH’s loyal fans. Even without chancing upon your blog, I was already in awe of PSH and knew deep in my heart that he is a special guy cum actor.

  36. I have made an adjustment on this page with regard to registration. Please, read if you will or already have registered to this website!

  37. I don’t know if I have registered, Wilma. I always type Park Si Hoo on Jeju Island to get to this page. And here I am posting my views once in a while. πŸ™‚

    • If you didn’t push the “Register” button on the right, then you are not registered D Lee! But as I wrote for commenting it is not really necessary! πŸ™‚

  38. To everyone! Unfortunately, I had to close open registration again because of many fake registrations. I have changed the registration alinea at this page. Please, read if you want to registrate to this website! Of course, I don’t want to shut out true Park Si Hoo fans! Thank you!

    • Thank you Beby! It’s my pleasure! πŸ™‚

      I’m working on a Dutch website too, but that one is going very slowly and not ready yet! PSH is my number one and I love to spread the news about him! πŸ˜€

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