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Credit: Instagram park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

It has been a long time since Hoo Factory has posted on their Naver Post and Blog. Have you noticed already?

HOO Factory logo

Their first post was on September 6 this year to thank all of us for our support through our various SNS channels. Please, click the link below to like this post and leave your supportive comment!

Scene Epi 11-12 "Lovely Horribly"

Their second post was on September 8 this year and has a Q & A-section. Curious about the questions and answers? Then visit the link below, like the post and leave your supportive comment!

Scene Epi 9-10 "Lovely Horribly"

The blog post is from today! It looks back to previous episodes of “Lovely Horribly” and the dangerous scenes our Park Si Hoo has gone through, the recent coffee tractation and what is going to happen next! You have to put in more effort for a translation as Google Chrome browser doesn’t translate the blog automatically, but the gorgeous photos are well worth your visit! Please, click the link below too, like the blog post and leave your supportive comment!

Scene Epi 17-18 "Lovely Horribly"

Scroll the page down and click the arrow in the box as shown in the image below. Then the comment section will open. Scroll further and you’ll see the comment box!

Comment_section box

You have to be logged in to leave a comment on both Naver Post and Blog, but you can choose one of your SNS accounts to do so!

In a few hours “Lovely Horribly” will be aired on KBS 2 TV – 21:50 hours Korean time!

Credit: Hoo Factory Naver  & KBS Drama

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Final Results Poll “Best Drama at the Moment”

Scene "Lovely Horribly"

The Daum Poll “Best Drama at the Moment” has ended and “Lovely Horribly” is the winner with 30% of all votes!

Result Daum Poll "Best Drama"Congratulations to cast and crew of “Lovely Horribly”! Thanks to all fans who made it possible for “Lovely Horribly” to top this list! It is our well-deserved token of appreciation for all cast and crew who work so hard to have us enjoy an excellent drama every Monday and Tuesday evening on KBS 2 TV and every Tuesday and Wednesday evening on KBS World!

Credit: Media Daum, thank you!

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On-Going Voting “Lovely Horribly” Sh K-STAR

"Horribly" Poster "Lovely Horribly"

Frequent voters know all about voting website Sh K-STAR. Last week they added “Lovely Horribly” in the folder “2018 Drama“. The new voting week has started again! When I first voted “Lovely Horribly” ranked 10, but at the end of last voting week it ranked 2!

Stempagina 2018 Drama's Sh K-STAR

A noteworthy feat, but of course, we want “Lovely Horribly” to top the list at number 1! Sh K-STAR is an on-going voting website. Every Saturday (Korean time) voting starts from zero again. So let’s vote “Lovely Horribly” to the top! With joint forces we can make this happen!

Link to vote

You need to be logged in to leave your vote, but Sh K-STAR makes it possible to do so by using one of your social media accounts.

Main cast "Lovely Horribly"

Bring us to the top of the list!


Credit: Sh K-STAR & KBS Drama, thank you! 

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Schedule “Lovely Horribly” on KBS World 2018.09.04-06

Official website "Lovely Horribly"

KBS World has uploaded the preview for episodes 13 & 14 of  “Lovely Horribly” which will air on Tuesday September 4, 2018 starting
14:50 and 15:25 hours (based on Dutch time)

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Full schedule to watch “Lovely Horribly” on KBS World on September 4, 5 & 6 (based on Dutch time)

September 4:

  • (Re-run) episode 7: 04:50 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 8: 05:25 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 9: 06:00 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 10: 06:35 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 11: 07:10 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 12: 07:45 hrs
  • (New) episode 13: 14:50 hrs
  • (New) episode 14: 15:25 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 13: 21:20 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 14: 21:55 hrs

September 5:

  • (Re-run) episode 13: 02:20 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 14: 02:55 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 13: 10:10 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 14: 10:45 hrs
  • (New) episode 15: 14:50 hrs
  • (New) episode 16: 15:25 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 15: 21:20 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 16: 21:55 hrs

September 6:

  • (Re-run) episode 15: 02:20 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 16: 02:55 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 15: 10:10 hrs
  • (Re-run) episode 16: 10:45 hrs

Choose the time slot which suits you best within your daily activities or watch as many times as you like. Park Si Hoo is doing a good job with his interpretation of Philip Yoo. His co-star Song Ji Hyo does the same with her character Oh Eul Soon. Together they make “Lovely Horribly” an unforgettable drama! The whole cast and crew of “Lovely Horribly” deserves our appreciation for giving us a good, and sometimes, scary time!

Credit: KBS World, thank you!

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Daum Poll: Vote for “Lovely Horribly”

Poster "Lovely Horribly"

Poster “Lovely Horribly”

Currently a poll is held on Daum running from
2018.08-28 to 2018.09.04.
The question is: “Which drama is best at the moment”?

Intermediate voting position Daum Poll

Intermediate voting position “Lovely Horribly” 2018.08.30

Link to vote:

When you open the website on your PC, mobile or other device, you see this:

Dramas in Daum Poll

Dramas in Poll

Check “Lovely Horribly” and scroll to vote.

Vote for Drama in Daum Poll

Confirm your vote here

When you have done so, a pop-up screen will appear to log-in for your vote. It gives you the choice to log-in with your account on:

  • Daum
  • Kakao
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Choose one of them and confirm. You’re not done yet!

Now that you are logged in repeat the voting process: check “Lovely Horribly” and the vote button.

Then the intermediate position results will show up.

Intermediate Position Daum Poll

Intermediate Position “Lovely Horribly” 2018.08.31

As you can see “Lovely Horribly” tops the list at this moment due to a joint cooperation between all fans who enjoy watching “Lovely Horribly”! It is important to vote daily to hold this position until the end of this poll! You can vote at least once a day.

Let’s keep “Lovely Horribly” on top of this Poll and show everyone how much this drama is appreciated! Thank you!

Credit: Daum media, thank you!

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Preview Episodes 11-12 “Lovely Horribly” KBS World

Scene epi 11-12 "Lovely Horribly"

In less than half an hour The Netherlands and European countries with the same Summer time can watch episodes 11 & 12 via KBS World, i.e.
14:50 and 15:25 pm! How will Philip Yoo and Oh Eul Soon fare in these episodes? Apparently, bad luck didn’t leave Oh Eul Soon yet, Philip Yoo is there to her rescue!

Preview episodes 11 and 12

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Full schedule to watch episodes 11 and 12 through KBS World:

  • Woensdag 29 augustus: 14:50 en 15:25 uur (nieuw)
  • Woensdag 29 augustus: 21:20 en 21:55 uur (herhaling)
  • Donderdag 30 augustus: 02:20 en 02:55 uur (herhaling)
  • Donderdag 30 augustus: 10:10 en 10:45 uur (herhaling)

Enjoy watching!

Credit: KBS Drama and KBS World, thank you!

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“Lovely Horribly” Preview Episodes 9-10 KBS World

Scene Eipisodes 9-10 "Lovelyly Horribly"

What’s up?

For those who are watching “Lovely Horribly” through KBS World  the preview for episodes 9 & 10 with English subs.

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Credit: KBS World

Time to watch in Europe (UTC +1) (added +1 hour for Summer Time):

  • Tuesday August 28: 14:50 & 15.25 pm
  • Tuesday August 28: Episodes 9 & 10 repeated at 21:20 & 21:55 pm
  • Wednesday August 29: Episodes 9 & 10 repeated at 02.20, 02:55, 10:10 & 10:45 am

It looks like a lot is going to happen again! Enjoy watching!

Credit: KBS World, thank you!

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“Lovely Horribly” Ranks 5!

Scenes "Lovely Horribly"The TV Drama Topical Top 10 is the result of analyzing online articles, blogs, community, SNS and video responses of 27 TV dramas that are being broadcasted or scheduled to be broadcasted from August 13 to August 19, 2018.

Lovely Horribly ranks 5 in the TV Drama Topical 10 announced on August 20! This is a very good result after the broadcasting of the four episodes in its first week! Of course, we aim for first position!

So let’s show our support for “Lovely Horribly” the best we can to make this happen!

Credit:KBS Drama, & good data, thank you!

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Promotion “Lovely Horribly” in Full Swing

Now that the first broadcast of “Lovely Horribly” on Monday August 13, 2018 is approaching KBS vamped up the promotion for the drama!

Characters Poster "Lovely Horribly"

Character Poster Main Cast “Lovely Horribly”

Let’s start with most important first. The Production Presentation of “Lovely Horribly” will be held on:
Thursday August 9, 2018 at 2:35 pm Korean time.
Venue: Times Square, Amoris Hall, 15, Yeongjung-ro Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

The production presentation can be watched live through:

VLive: (web) or the VLive app.
Leave as many hearts and comments as you can while watching to support Park Si Hoo and “Lovely Horribly”!

How will Park Si Hoo look like on the production presentation of “Lovely Horribly”? Undoubtedly, as gorgeous and well-dressed as always. A little bit nervous too at the start and more relaxed towards the end!

Park Si Hoo (Production Presentation Cheongdam-dong Alice)

Park Si Hoo at the Production Presentation of Cheongdam-dong Alice in 2012

After the first preview teaser, the preview teaser for episode 1 was released. It starts with top star Philip Yoo walking through the crowd surrounded by his bodyguards and then it ends scary!

Credit: sihoossi, thank you!

The main posters of “Lovely Horribly” turned out very inspiring and stimulating our curiosity. Judge for yourself!

 "Lovely" Poster "Lovely Horribly"

Aren’t Philip Yoo (Park Si Hoo) and Oh Eul Soon (Song Ji Hyo) looking “Lovely”? Oh, watch out for the shadows behind!

"Horribly" Poster "Lovely Horribly"

Now it’s getting scary. A powerful woman and a fearful man!

The character posters of the main cast each tell their own story. Let’s look at it!

Character Poster Philip Yoo (Park Si Hoo)

“The man who can do everything” ~ Top Star Philip Yoo! Portrayed by Park Si Hoo!

Character Poster Song Ji Hyo (Lovely Horribly)

“A woman who cannot do anything” ~ Drama Writer Oh Eul Soon! Portrayed by Song Ji Hyo!

Character Poster Lee Ki Kwang (Lovely Horribly)

“I can see ghosts with my eyes” ~ Drama Producing Director (PD) Lee Seung Joong! Portrayed by Lee Ki Kwang!

Character Poster Hahm Eun Jung (Lovely Horribly)

“It’s okay, nothing has happened” ~ National Actress Shin Yoo Na! Portrayed by Hahm Eun Jung

Character Poster Ki Eun Yeong (Lovely Horribly)

“Truth of ten billion fingers” ~Drama Writer Ki Eun Yeong! Portrayed by Choi Yeo Jin!

And last, but not least, KBS has created an official website for “Lovely Horribly”!

There is so much more to share, but for now I stop here. Don’t forget to watch the production presentation live on VLive tomorrow, if you can!

Credit: KBS, thank you!

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First Broadcast “Lovely Horribly” 2018.08.13

First broadcast of “Lovely Horribly” starring Park Si Hoo as Philip Yoo and Song Ji Hyo as Ji Eul Soon has been decided on Monday August 13, 2018 on KBS 2 TV at 22:00 hours local time!


Park Si Hoo & Song Ji HyoIt promises to be a very exciting drama with lovely and horribly scenes. A hero and heroine born on the same day and time and sharing the same fate in which only one can be happy and successful because of the zero-sum law. Consequently, the other one is unhappy and struggles with life.

The still cuts relaesed by KBS show us a happy and succesfull Philip Yoo (Park Si Hoo) and a lovely, but horribly looking Ji Eul Soon (Song Ji Hyo) who is said to be good of heart with an optimistic look on life despite her struggles. However, is fate turning against Philip Yoo? Why is he having nosebleeds and sitting on his knees with a plastic bag over his head?


The released first preview video increases the mysterious atmosphere even more, although it is a very short one.

Credit:, thank you!

In June Park Si Hoo started with showing us images of Philip Yoo with a personal greeting and reference to “Lovely Horribly” through his amongst others Instagram account.

The last photo of above series shows that Park Si Hoo is going to do stunts again. It only adds to our curiosity how this new genre – horror-mantic drama – will turn out to be. Personally, I’m not a fan of horror, but I am curious enough to tune in and watch this new drama of Park Si Hoo from start to finish! After all, Park Si Hoo is known for having a good nose for choosing his roles and making a success of each one of them! So I don’t want to miss this one either!

Credit: Park Si Hoo Instagram, KBS Drama & Korean media, thank you!

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