“My Golden Life” Being Broadcasted in Taiwan

Poster "My Golden Life" Taiwan

Monday June 18, 2018 GTV Channel 41 in Taiwan started to broadcast “My Golden Life”. Airing time is 21.00 o’clock. Episode 2 has been broadcasted on Tuesday evening. So from now on “My Golden Life” can be watched by Taiwanese fans as well! 50 More episodes to go!

Poster "My Golden Life" Taiwan

Lately GTV has done a lot of promotion by uploading video clips of “My Golden Life”. I will share some here which have been shared through Twitter.

No doubt, “My Golden Life” will become as successful in Taiwan as it has been in South Korea and Japan. Enjoy watching!

Credit: GTV & twitter@shinsarang & love_chy, thank you!

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Park Si Hoo Confirmed Lead Role “Lovely Horribly”

Park Si Hoo

The news is out for a few days already, but Park Si Hoo has confirmed he will play the male lead role in upcoming KBS2 drama “Lovely Horribly” (러블리 호러블리). He shared a few photos on his Weibo and Instagram to introduce his new character “Philip Yu” (유피립).

Song Ji Hyo (송지효) has confirmed her lead role too. She will play ghost writer Ji Eul Sun (지을손).

Park Si Hoo & Song Ji Hyo
The drama script looks interesting. It is a new genre, Horror Romantic Drama, which was one of the reasons Park Si Hoo decided to take on the role of Philip Yu. So very challenging how the audience will respond to it!

Philip Yu and Ji Eul Sun are born at the same time and share a twisted fate. When one is doing well, the other is doing bad. Philip Yu is a top star whose acting career is skyrocketing. Ji Eul Sun is struggling with her career, but always shows a bright and happy face. As a sheer twist of fate they are going to work on the same drama project. How will this work out? Will this couple with their twisted fates manage to find happiness together after all?

“Lovely Horribly” is a 16-episode drama and will start in August 2018. Airing time is every Monday and Tuesday evening from 22:00 to 23:10 hours (Korean time) on KBS2.

Filming has already started. I hope I can watch too, but as current drama “Are You Human?” is locked for The Netherlands, chances are probably small.

Credit: Korean News Media & Park Si Hoo Weibo, thank you!

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DVD-Collection Park Si Hoo’s Kanazawa Travel

Park Si Hoo

Photo credit: Park Si Hoo Weibo

It has been announced a DVD-collection of Park Si Hoo’s Kanazawa (Japan) travel in May 2017 which was part of a travel feature, will be released on September 26, 2018. This travel was before the preparation for “My Golden Life”. Park Si Hoo is followed closely during his activities, e.g. sightseeing, paragliding, surfing and enjoying the local delicacies. A DVD of the Birthday Event on April 1, 2018 is also part of the DVD-collection. Here you will meet with magician Park Si Hoo. Additional to all this, a 100-pages Park Si Hoo Kizuna photobook is enclosed as well as a video collection of unpublished shots.

Park Si Hoo

Photo credit: Park Si Hoo Weibo

The DVD-collection is 155 minutes and is sold for 9,720 Japanese Yen including taxes. The publisher is BS-TBS and the expected release date is September 26, 2018.

The good news is international fans can also preorder this DVD-collection through the website of HMV & Books online. Click this link to visit the sales page. This website provides English too.

Park Si Hoo

Photo credit: BS-TBS

Shipping costs are added separately to the sales price. Additional customs clearance costs and VAT may be charged at delivery of the package depending on your country’s regulations.

A few days ago I placed my preorder and I am so excited. I have ordered before with HMV & Books online, when Park Si Hoo’s first movie “Confession of Murder” was released. Although DVDs from Japan have no English subtitles I never regretted this. So many extras came with it!

Don’t let this unique chance to extend your Park Si Hoo collection slip through your fingers. I could not and did not want to let this opportunity pass by. How about you?

Credit: HMV & Park SiHoo Hongkong and Macau, thank you!

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New Privacy Law EU

Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung

Photo credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

On 25 May 2018 the new privacy law “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) went into effect in the European Union of which The Netherlands is part too. The privacy rights of all citizens in the European Union are  regulated uniformly through this law. In short it means, amongst others, everyone, blogowners too, have to ask visitors if they agree with the use of cookies on websites. It must be made clear how personal data are being processed. The most important thing is that all personal data, if any, are handled with utmost care.

You may have noticed some changes already. When you open this website a cookie notice banner shows up at the top of this page and fade away after accepting or continuing to scroll the page. Your consent will be valid for one month. Then the cookie notice banner will show up again asking for your permission.

In case of leaving a comment, you will read a message of Akismet under the comment box. Akismet is helping to reduce spam on this website.

In due time a privacy statement will be added as a new page on top. It is not an easy task to write in a proper way, but I want to comply with the GDPR as best as I am able to. It is my priority to handle all your personal data in a secured way.

It is a good thing Park Si Hoo is not so much in the news at the moment. Otherwise, I might miss a lot! 

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How To Subscribe for Fresh! Park Sihoo TV Channel via PC?

Screen shotFresh! Park Sihoo TV

Most of the time once a week on Saturdays, but sometimes more often, videos are posted on Fresh! Park Sihoo TV Channel. Some videos are for the public to watch, but most are for members only. The videos for example are giving insights into back the scenes impressions of Park Si Hoo’s dramas, when he is on holidays  (Taormina in Italy 2015) which have not been shared with the public. As soon as a new video is online, I’m watching soonest possible. If you want to do as well, how can you subscribe for the channel?

Logo Fresh! Park Sihoo TV channel
Follow the steps below to subscribe for Fresh! Park Sihoo TV Channel. Use Google Chrome browser as this will give you the opportunity to translate into any language required for a better understanding.

  • Go to: https://freshlive.tv/parksihoochannel
  • Register or sign in;
  • If you have to register first for a Freshlive account, click “Create new account” in the pop-up;
  • Register with one of your SNS accounts;
  • Sign in to this account;
  • When registration has succeeded, click “Follow Park Sihoo”;
  • Register as a member for his channel to watch all of the member videos. Monthly fee is 600 Yen to pay by credit card. Subscription will be automatically renewed monthly until cancellation.

Screen shot Fresh! Park Sihoo TV channel
Follow the steps below to also watch the videos on your Smartphone:

  • Download and install the Fresh! app via Google Play Store;
  • Open after install and click the little doll at the bottom right;
  • A pop-up will open with various options to sign in, amongst others SNS accounts. Click for the one you have registered with and sign in;
  • Click on the folder icon in the middle below and the videos of Park Sihoo TV will appear on your screen;
  • Now you can watch the member videos on your Smartphone too!

The Fresh! app is Japanese only, but with this description, it must be no problem to reach Park Sihoo TV channel and sign in. Then you can watch the member videos on both your PC and Smartphone!

Credit: Freshlive TV Park Sihoo Channel, thank you!

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Order ENISHI 6-2 & T.O.P. 60 As A Set!

ENISHI 6-2 & T.O.P. as set

Good news for Park Si Hoo’s International Fans! It is possible to order ENISHI 6-2 and Hanryu T.O.P. 60 as a set online!

HMV & Books online offers these two magazines as a set for
2,980 Japanese Yen. Shipping costs from Japan to your country are not included in this price.

If you don’t have an ENISHI subscription and didn’t order Hanryu T.O.P yet, it is a not to miss chance to order the two of them as one set. ENISHI 6-2 is full of gorgeous photos of Park Si Hoo. I’m curious at the special about Park Si Hoo and the report of the “My Golden Life” Event. Coming Wednesday May 23 my copy will be delivered. I’m so excited!

Go to the HMV & Books online website for more information and/or to place your order by clicking this link.

Don’t wait too long with your decision to order or not, because I don’t know how many sets are available!

Credit: HMV & Books online, thank you!

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ENISHI Event at Lake Biwa in Japan 2018.07.01

Park Si Hoo promo ENISHI 2018

Sunday evening July 1st, ENISHI Event 2018 with Park Si Hoo will be held at Lake Biwa in Japan. Event registration has already started. Take into account that you have to be a subscriber of ENISHI Magazine and a member of the “Japan Official Fan Club (JOFC)”. They will ask for your membership card with check-in!

Poster ENISHI 2018
Last year’s ENISHI event Park Si Hoo promised to give a hug, if the average viewership rating of his drama “My Golden Life”, which had just started to air, would exceed the 30%. Finally, the average viewership rating reached over 45%. So the promised hug has become a fact!

The Event details are:

  • Venue: Prince Hotel Lake Biwa Otsu
  • Theme: Jukebox Summer Memories with Park Sihoo at Lake Biwa
  • Event date: July 1, 2018 (Sunday)
  • Arrangements:
    2-days-1-night (check-in July 1, 2018)
    3-days-2-nights (check-in June 30, 2018)
  • Meals: as indicated in the arrangements (breakfast and dinner)
  • Travel and other expenses are not included
Prince Hotel Lake Biwa Otsu

Prince Hotel Lake Biwa Otsu

First registration period runs from May 10 to 30, 2018 (payments must have been received).

Second registration period runs from June 1 to 18, 2018 (payments must have been received) depending on the availability of rooms and seats.

Registration on first come, first served basis.

Website to registrate:


Program details:

Park Si Hoo:

  • Follows up on his promise to give every ENISHI reader a hug
  • Personally hands a gift to each attendee (will be revealed during event)
  • Charms everyone with his beautiful song
  • Plays games with his fans
  • Watches the spectacular fireworks above Lake Biwa together with his fans
  • Enjoys the beautiful view of Lake Biwa together with his fans

Last, but not least: all Japan Official Fan Club members will receive an exclusive photo!

Park Si Hoo promoting ENISHI Event 2018:

Credit: PARK SIHOO JAPAN OFFICIAL FAN CLUB@youtube.com, thank you!

Don’t forget if you want to register for this event:

  • Do you have an ENISHI Magazine subscription?
  • Are you a Japan Official Fan Club Member? (Don’t forget to bring your membership card with you!)

Then hurry to register before the ENISHI Event is sold out! Because of the expected crowds, rooms and seats might be sold out already during first registration periode!

Credit: Mentor & ParkSiHoossi.com, thank you!

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Park Si Hoo Back Cover “Hanryu T.O.P.”

Park Si Hoo Back Cover Hanryu T.O.P.
On May 16, 2018 volume 60 of “Hanryu T.O.P.” will be released with
Park Si Hoo on the back cover! It will also feature a special edition of
18 pages on “My Golden Life” as well as report about the event and interview held in Tokyo on April 20, 2018 to celebrate the success of the drama.

Promotion "Hanryu T.O.P." with Park Si Hoo

Mentor is the publisher of “Hanryu Top” and you can pre-order the magazine clicking their link:


“Hanryu T.O.P.” can also be pre-ordered at Amazon Japan. This is much easier for fans not living in Japan on the condition of having a credit card for payment.


Please, be aware this magazine is in Japanese only. Park Si Hoo’s photos will be well worth buying it nevertheless!

Credit: Mentor & Amazon Japan, thank you!

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Official Launch “Park Si Hoo in Nederlands” 2018.05.03

Launch "Park Si Hoo in Nederlands"

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

It took much longer than I expected when I started to create the website “Park Si Hoo in Nederlands”, but finally the official launch is there!


I tried to give as much information as possible about who Park Si Hoo is and his works in the Dutch language at the fixed pages. Although I may add some other pages later on, I am satisfied enough for the official launch today! 😀

During the “silent” time I noticed many viewers from abroad were visiting the website as well. That’s why I decided to insert a translation plug-in too. Not everyone is using the Chrome browser after all! So I hope to have been of help to everyone who wants to support Park Si Hoo!

Together with the website I have created some additional accounts to spread the news about anything Park Si Hoo more widely!

I will do my best to attract attention for Park Si Hoo and his works in
The Netherlands too!

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A Magical Birthday Event 2018.04.01

This year I have been able to attend Park Si Hoo’s Birthday Event for the first time and it was a magical experience!

Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2018Check-in for the Birthday Tour was on Saturday March 31, but I arrived at Seoul on March 28 for a two-weeks holiday. My lovely landlady took care of most of my luggage in my room, while I stayed at Imperial Palace Hotel for the Birthday Event.

It was great to meet with all the sisters I only knew from online interactions. Many of them came to greet me. I was really overwhelmed by so much attention. After all, I am just another Park Si Hoo fan who happens to live in The Netherlands!

I enjoyed very much to meet with all of you. It has made my first attendance of the Park Si Hoo Birthday Celebration even more precious. So one more time, thank you all for introducing yourself to me!

Wilma at Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2018

The Celebration was held on 7th floor and the rice wreaths were exhibited in the foyer. Early Sunday it was best to take photos, but as official photos were taken too I don’t have many. Later on it was just too crowded.

International Fans from ParkSihoossi.com
Rice Wreath ParkSihoossi.com
Rice wWeath SihoorangDC Park Sihoo Gallery
Rice Wreath DC GalleryTaiwan Fans
Rice Wreath Taiwan Fans
The group of International fans from Singapore, Malaysia and
The Netherlands shared a table together. We had table 8 which was on second row from stage left from center. We had a good view on stage. As it wasn’t allowed to take pictures during the event, this screen photo from before the MC appeared on stage, is the only one I took and share!

Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2018

Although it was my first time, I was not as nervous as I expected I would be. Only when my roommate and I took the elevator down stairs, I felt my heartbeat in my throat for a short while. I managed to relax soon. I just didn’t want to miss anything because of being nervous! Yes, I felt excited and I think this must have been visible for everyone.

Park Si Hoo appeared out of nowhere in a box next to stage. Then he walked from table to table to present a towel flower to each of us. We could watch his way on screen too. When he finally reached our table, I felt a little trembling inside, but I don’t know if it showed. I managed to say “Gamsahamnida” when he handed me the flower. I could only smile. For a moment I was caught in the Park Si Hoo aura. He was so gorgeous and his eyes so beautiful! Yes, I caught his eyes!

Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2018

The celebration passed by so quickly. I don’t remember all the details clearly. We sang the birthday song for Park Si Hoo which the MC had rehearsed with us. I could sing along, because this was the only song I had repeated so many times at Korean school that it wasn’t difficult to recall! Of course, we ended with the heart signs to express our love for Park Si Hoo!

Park Si Hoo answered questions. He performed small plays with some sisters on stage. Right or wrong questions. If we had the same answer as
Park Si Hoo we passed to next question. I just gambled, but finally I lost and had to sit down. Park Si Hoo read some messages hanging in the tree. At first Park Si Hoo had to guess blindfolded what he was touching and then he had to do it together with two fans. It was fun to watch the play of hands. Oh, and not to forget, three sisters were so lucky to taste the seaweed soup Park Si Hoo had boiled on stage!

Then there was a small break in which behind the scenes of “My Golden Life” were shown. As I went to the restroom I missed most of this.

Then a big surprise! Park Si Hoo showed us he is also a real magician! He did even the locked in cage trick together with a female assistant. Wow, he must have practiced very hard to show us all his tricks. He smiled happily while doing his magical performance!

The magician disappeared from stage and the singer Park Si Hoo returned with “Season in the Sun”. I always love it when Park Si Hoo is singing. Such a warm and deep voice!

And then…..photo shoot time! It took a long time before our table could queue up for the photo with Park Si Hoo on stage. I felt excited, but not nervous. I was fully present in the moment. It passed by so quickly though that I can’t believe it really happened. I shook hands with Park Si Hoo, sat down for the photo, still holding hands, stand up, said thanks and goodbye and left stage. The photo of the two of us is my proof I have not been dreaming! However, this photo I will keep private. It is my very own precious keepsake!

And so the birthday celebration was finished. Park Si Hoo left and we had our dinner.

I am really happy that I took the plunge to attend this birthday celebration. It was a magical experience. Passed by so quickly. but I have been eyeing Park Si Hoo from very close, sat next to him and experienced the special atmosphere surrounding a fan meeting with him. Park Si Hoo is a very special man. So warm, so close with his fans. It is something you feel when you are present and can’t experience from watching a DVD or imagine from hear say. It is something I want to experience again! So if I am able to, I will attend again as soon as I can!

Photos taken by Wilma, thank you!

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