Relaxing After Bike Ride

Today Park Si Hoo shared a gorgeous photo on his Instagram. Relaxing in his chair after shooting the bike ride scenes. His clothes are covered with dirt, but he is smiling nevertheless! Prepared to make some photos himself! The camera is always with Park Si Hoo when shooting for a drama!

Park Si Hoo Resting
Credit: Instagram Park Si Hoo, thank you!

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HOO Factory Back with a Bang! 2017.08.25

The SNS channels of HOO Factory have been silent for a very long time! Now that first broadcasting weekend of “My Golden Life” is coming closer, HOO Factory is becoming active too!

Naver page HOO Factory

HOO Factory has opened an official page on Naver. Here they will post anything concerned Park Si Hoo from now on! Please, visit this page and if you have a Naver account, do follow as well!

HOO Factory Naver Page:

As you can see from the added SNS links communication will go through Instagram and Facebook too!

Park Si Hoo aka Choi Do Kyung

HOO Factory’s first post also shows a welcome video with Park Si Hoo!

Let’s support Park Si Hoo, HOO Factory and “My Golden Life” the best we can!

Credit: HOO Factory, thank you!

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Announcement Press Meeting “My Golden Life” 2017.08.29

KBS has announced that the press meeting for “My Golden Life” will be held on Tuesday August 29, 2017 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Park Si Hoo January 2016Venue:
Amusement Hall, 15 Times Square 5F, Yeongjong-ro, Yeongdeunpo-gu, Seoul

Kim Hyeong Seok PD, Cheon Ho Jin, Park Si Hoo, Shin Hye Sun,
Lee Tae Hwan, Seo Eun Su, Lee Tae Sung (attendance is subject to change depending on circumstances)


  • Introduction of the drama
  • Highlight video screening
  • Photo time
  • Joint interview only (coverage/video)

The press conference is only open for domestic as well as foreign media after application on first come, first serve basis.

Credit: KBS, thank you!

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[IG] Park Si Hoo: Our Jinsooni’s Loving Babies Were Born!^^

Such happy news! The Park family’s dog Jinsooni has given birth to six lovely puppies! 우리 진순이의 사랑스러운 아기들이 탄생했어요~😃😃😃😘 Aren’t they cute? 🙂

JinsooniPuppies JinsooniNew born puppies JinsooniNew born puppy JinsooniNew born puppy Jinsooni
Credit: Instagram Park Si Hoo, thank you!

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[IG] Park Si Hoo: Have Fresh Fruit~^^

Despite his busy film schedule Park Si Hoo left a greeting on his Instagram today! Judging from the picture it must be hot in South Korea! Yes, then is some fresh fruit very refreshing!

Fresh Fruit
Credit: Instagram Park Si Hoo, thank you!

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2nd Teaser “My Golden Life” with Park Si Hoo!

KBS released the 2nd teaser for “My Golden Life” and this is so much fun! Park Si Hoo’s facial expressions are priceless! I already love Choi Do Kyung! Can’t wait till 1st weekend of September! Definitely will watch from the start!

Credit:, thank you!

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KBS Started Promoting “My Golden Life”

Last week KBS made a start with promoting Park Si Hoo’s upcoming drama “My Golden Life” on their website and various SNS channels! This offers us, his international fans, opportunities to show our support for the drama and Park Si Hoo, of course. Like photos, articles and videos whenever you can! More often login with Facebook or Twitter account is supported to leave your comments. Only a few more weeks to go for the first episodes of “My Golden Life”. Let KBS and Park Si Hoo know how much you are looking forward to this!


KBS Facebook

KBS Twitter

KBS YouTube Channel

KBS Website

Print screen KBS Nieuws

KBS Nieuws

Print screen KBS Blog

KBS Blog

Credit: KBS, thank you!

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First Teaser Weekenddrama “My Golden Life” Starting 2017.09.02

After all the news coming up lately here and there about Park Si Hoo’s upcoming weekenddrama “My Golden Life”, I was on the look out for the teasers. Yes, KBS shared the first one through their YouTube account KBSdrama!


This teaser gives me the feeling we will be presented a family weekenddrama with laughter and fun. Can’t wait till the first episodes will grace our screens! 

Credit:, thank you!

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How to Watch “My Golden Life” Live

In less than 1 month on Saturday September 2 “My Golden Life” will start with broadcasting on KBS 2. Finally, Park Si Hoo will make his comeback with Korean mainstream broadcaster!

Park Si Hoo aka Choi Do Kyung

He will need the support of all his fans, domestic as well as international, to make a success of his comeback! There are still too many antis working hard to make this comeback fail. That’s why we should unite with activities online to help Park Si Hoo succeed! is taking the lead with an action plan and all we have to do is re-posting and sharing and spreading the news wherever we can. The hype has already started! You can read about it by clicking this link:

First action is to get ready to watch live on KBS2 starting September 2 at 19:55h KST!

KBS2TV logo

  1. Go to the official KBS website: Don’t leave the Korean language website!Printscreen KBS website
  2. Find the “OnAir-VOD” menu on top left hand corner and pull down the menu.OnAir-VOD tab KBS website
  3. Click on KBS 2 TV logo to open the media player.KBS2 tab KBS website
    Player KBS 2

The best result is by using computers or laptops. It is country related whether you have access or not. Find your way in how it works in the country you are living in!

Second action is to get ready to watch on KBS World with English subtitles. Usually, the “live” on KBS World is one week later than the “live” in South Korea. However, watching “My Golden Life” from the start on KBS World as well will also increase the traffic!

Action steps:

  1. Go to the official KBS World website:

    Printscreen KBS World website

  2. Find the “VOD” on the top menu bar and click on it.

    VOD tab KBS World website

  3. It will open to this page where you can watch KBS World programs:

    Player KBS World

  4. If you get this message after clicking the play button, it means you have to subscribe for the service with KBS World’s local TV partner.

    Denial Message player KBS World website

Remember that this link also works best on computers and laptops. For smartphones, iPhones or tablets you can look in the devices play stores if the KBS World app can be downloaded and installed!

More actions and messages will follow through Please, visit there and join the hype up for Park Si Hoo and his upcoming drama “My Golden Life”!

Credit:, thank you!

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Choi Do Kyung Wishes You a Nice Weekend!

More lovely photos of Choi Do Kyung! You can’t miss him wearing a bright red suit! He is wishing you a nice weekend from Haesung company! How sweet is that? 

Park Si Hoo aka Choi Do KyungPark Si Hoo aka Choi Do KyungPark Si Hoo aka Choi Do Kyung
Credit: Instagram & Weibo Park Si Hoo, thank you!

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