[SNS] Park Si Hoo Loves Skiing 2017.02.10

Today is Park Si Hoo’s 4th day of skiing at High 1 Mountain Top. He loves this so much and he is sharing his passion and progress with us for 4th day in row!

On his 3rd day followed a video after the photo he shared in the morning.

μŠ€ν‚€ 3일째 love in ski😘

A video posted by λ°•μ‹œν›„ (@park_si_hoo_01) on

Today, the 4th day, Park Si Hoo shared photos both on his Instagram and Weibo account. Two similar photos on both Instagram and Weibo. Four new ones on his Weibo only.

Instagram and Weibo:

Weibo only:

Credit: Park Si Hoo, thank you!

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[IG] Beautiful Panorama View High 1 Mountain Top 2017.02.09

This morning I was barely awake, when Park Si Hoo shared another beautiful photo of High 1 Mountain Top. This time a panorama view. The whole setting is astonishing!

Credit: park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

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[IG] Sihoossi Practicing Skiing for Pyeongchang? 2017.02.08

We are spoiled again! A new video from Park Si Hoo. Saying “Go to Pyeongchang”  Haha, Sihoossi is making fun of himself. So funny and he was updating his Instagram instead of having a sound sleep!  Even a man needs his beauty sleep, right? 



Go to ν‰μ°½πŸ˜…

A video posted by λ°•μ‹œν›„ (@park_si_hoo_01) on

Credit: park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

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[IG] High 1 Mountain Top 2017.02.07

From the mountains wearing a ski outfit Park Si Hoo shared a video on his Instagram account. Doesn’t he look gorgeous? The goggles covers half of his face, but the other half is no doubt about Park Si Hoo!

The photo:

The video:


A video posted by λ°•μ‹œν›„ (@park_si_hoo_01) on

Credit: park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

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[VOTE] Who Do You Want to Give Chocolate with Valentine’s Day?

Hallyu Pia is doing an one time voting contest regarding Valentine’s Day running from January 25 (11:00) to February 15, 2017 (00:00). Whom of the three male heroes would you like to give chocolate to?

You can choose from:

1. Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) of “Heirs”
2. Park Hoon (Lee Jung Seok) of “Doctor Gentiles”
3. Seo In Woo (Park Si Hoo) of “Prosecutor Princess”

Link to vote: http://ure.pia.co.jp/articles/-/69981

How to vote?

Scroll down the page until you see the options. Seo In Woo (Park Si Hoo) is third option. Make your choice and press the red button.

Next screen is to confirm your vote or to go back one screen. Sure you didn’t make a mistake? Then press the red button.

Next screen shows the voting results so far. Seo In Woo (Park Si Hoo) is in the lead with 48,44% of the votes!

So which male hero do you want to give chocolate with Valentine’s Day? I cast my vote for Seo In Woo (Park Si Hoo), of course!

Happy Voting!

Credit: Hallyu Pia, thank you! 

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[MV] Happy Birthday Park Si Hoo 2017

In less than 2 months Park Si Hoo will celebrate his 39th Birthday (international counting). I’m not sure which birthday celebration it will be in Korean counting. I asked my friend in Korea to help me out with this!

Today Gabriela notified me she had created a MV for Park Si Hoo’s birthday! It is my pleasure to share this beautiful MV with you. Thank you so much Gabriela!

Credit: dumitru gabriela@youtube.com, thank you!

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[MV] Celebrating 1 Year Anniversary “Neighborhood Hero”

On January 23, 2017 it was one year ago OCN started broadcasting “Neighborhood Hero” ~ Park Si Hoo’s comeback drama. Huyeon_salang has created this MV to celebrate this one year anniversary! “Neighborhood Hero” is still hot. So refresh your memory with this MV and its soothing background song!

Credit: huyeon_salang@youtube.com, thank you!

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“Neighborhood Hero” broadcasted by BS11 in Japan

Saturday February 4 and Sunday February 5, 2017 will be the first weekend BS11 is going to broadcast “Neighborhood Hero” in Japan from
8:00 to 9:00 am. This is such good news! Enjoy watching! 

Credit: Twitter@Shinsarang, thank you!

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“Neighborhood Hero” on Osaka TV in Japan

Good news! Starting Thursday February 9, 2017 “Neighborhood Hero” will be broadcasted in Japan by Osaka TV at 8:55h!

Credit: Osaka TV, thank you!

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Birthday Celebration in Buyeo 2017.04.01-03

Photo credit: Park Si Hoo Weibo

Good news has arrived too! Park Si Hoo is going to celebrate his birthday in Buyeo again. The “Park Sihoo Birthday Tour 2017” will be held from
April 1 – 3. Event Venue: Lotte Buyeo Resort. The actual Birthday Event is on April 2, 2017.

Registration will open from February 9, 2017 at 15:00h Japan time with priority privileges for Japan Official Fan Club members and Enishi readers. As soon as registration opens details will be available on:


Park Si Hoo’s Birthday Celebrations are always great happenings. A joy for both the Birthday Boy and his guests! Will you be there? I will share in the joy from afar!

Photo credit: Park Si Hoo Weibo

Credit: parksihoossi.com, thank you!

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