Park Si Hoo-ssi Happy New Year & Congratulations!

Happy New Year 2018

Created by Wilma (Peris)

Park Si Hoo-ssi your New Year 2018 has started as bright as you could wish for. Your drama “My Golden Life” brought your acting career in a golden flow! In 2011 you received your last Acting Award by KBS and
Sunday December 31, 2017/January 1, 2018 you were gracing the stage again to receive two new Awards!

(Please, click the link in the video to go to YouTube and watch at DramaKBS channel, thank you!)

Besides the Excellence Award for full-length drama, you also received the Best Couple Award with Shin Hye Sun for your roles as the couple (though we still have to see this happen ) Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An in “My Golden Life”! Congratulations to both of you!

(Please, click the link in the video to go to YouTube and watch at DramaKBS channel, thank you!)

Although you had to be patient to shine on stage again during an Awards Ceremony, I never doubted you would be there one day! The
2017 KBS Drama Awards felt like the last missing piece of the puzzle which fell into its place. I was smiling all over and my heart was bursting from happiness and joy!

Well done, Park Si Hoo-ssi. May you have a Sparkling, Joyous and Happy 2018 with lots of opportunities coming your way!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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Where to Watch 2017 KBS Drama Awards Live? 2017.12.31

Header 2017 KBS Drama Awards

Today we will know whether or not Park Si Hoo will receive an Award in the categories in which he has been nominated.

Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung (My Golden Life)

Park Si Hoo is one of the nominees for the Acting Grand Prize Award! He won many awards in the past, but this one is still missing. So I wish for him to win this one tonight!

Scene "My Golden Life"

Park Si Hoo & Shin Hye Sun are one of the nominees for the Best Couple Award! It is already known that 4 – 5 couples will receive this award. Will our lovely Choi Do Kyung & Seo Ji An be among them?

Poster "My Golden Life"

The drama “My Golden Life” is one of the nominees for Best Weekend Drama. It has the best and highest audience rating – 41.2% – of this year. Will it be rewarded with the Award?

Will it be possible to watch the 2017 KBS Drama Awards from outside Korea? Yes, it is! KBS2TV will start live broadcasting after the 2nd Special feature episode of “My Golden Life” at 9:15 pm Korean time!

  2. Click OnAir-VOD
  3. Select KBS2TV
  4. Pop-up player will appear

V Live TV will start the Red Carpet ceremony at 6:00 pm Korean Time. So if you want to see Park Si Hoo walk the red carpet go and click V Live TV!
Be patient though. as it will be a surprise when it is his turn!

Enjoy watching the 2017 KBS Drama Award!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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Show Your Support for Park Si Hoo!

OSEN has released a news report which mentions that, although he is not on the photo, Park Si Hoo is one of the major candidates to receive an Award.

Some of the nominees 2017 KBS Drama Awards

Who will win is still open. Most likely this will be decided on the spot, after the final meeting at 4:00 pm Korean time on December 31, 2017!

So show your support for Park Si Hoo in the comment box of the article
one on Naver and one on Daum – and click like (thumbs up) on all supporting comments for Park Si Hoo. We should make our voices hear why Park Si Hoo deserves to be a winner!

Open the links with Google Chrome webbrowser and you’ll be able to choose for English – or any other language – to translate for better understanding!

Link 1:

Link 2:

A few more days until the 2017 KBS Drama Awards will be broadcasted live. Can’t wait to watch!

Credit: OSEN, thank you!

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HOO Factory Re-Activated YouTube Channel

After a silence of three years HOO Factory uploaded new videos on their YouTube Channel. This is their current YouTube banner.

YouTube Banner HOO Factory

The URL for the YouTube Channel:

Today the YT channel is refreshed with the videos of Park Si Hoo’s Instagram and a video with a compilation of the photos on his Instagram.

This same video you will find on HOO Factory’s Google+ account.

Banner Google+ HOO Factory


It looks like the fans in the western part of the world will be able to follow Park Si Hoo’s videos and/or photos through these two accounts! As for me, I can’t watch videos uploaded on HOO Factory’s Naver blog and post in my country. So I hope future Naver videos will be uploaded here too!

Credit: HOO Factory YouTube & Google+, thank you!

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Special Broadcasting “My Golden Life” 2017.12.30-31

Poster "My Golden Life"

The weekend of December 30-31, 2017, there will be 2 special broadcastings of “My Golden Life” instead of the regular ones, because of the year-end celebrations.

The specials will present interesting news, interviews with performers, behind-the-scenes and features of the drama. it will be interesting to know more about the drama!

So we have to wait one more week before we will know how the relationship between Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An will unfold after Ji An’s teary confession of love to Do Kyung! 

Don’t forget to tune in on KBS 2 at 19:55h Korean time on both Saturday and Sunday!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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Merry Christmas 2017

Christmas Wish Wilma (Peris)

Created by Wilma (Peris)

Christmas Eve is nearing its end and then we roll into Christmas!

Really wish Park Si Hoo, his co-stars and staffs of “My Golden Life” can make some time to enjoy the Christmas bliss and take a well deserved rest after all the work they have done to make a success of the drama so far!

On Christmas Eve Do Kyung got his present. Ji An could not hide her feelings for him anymore. So broke or not, Ji An confessed Do Kyung that she likes him! He might have known, but have it acknowledged is another thing!

Enjoy a very Happy Christmas with family and friends! Wishing you many blessings and peace of mind!

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Preview Episode 33 “My Golden Life” 2017.12.23

Scene Preview Episode 33 "My Golden Life"

In episode 33 Choi Do Kyung is earnestly after Seo Ji An to show her his sincerety. Grandpa is wondering why his grandson is still in Seoul? Hyuk and Ji Soo are meeting more often. Father Seo might suffer from stomach cancer. Ji Soo sees Ji An together with Sun Woo Hee at the cafe which makes her wonder how the two of them knows each other?

A lot to look forward to! I will connect with KBS 2 online on Saturday at 19:55h Korean time as usual! How about you?

Credit: KBS Drama & sihoossi, thank you!

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“My Golden Life” Episode 29 & 30 English Subs

Scenes episode 29 "My Golden Life

Episodes 29 and 30 mark a turning point in Choi Do Kyung’s life. He told his parents as well as Jang So Ra he can’t marry a woman without love. The parents are shocked and Sora says Do Kyung is much braver than she is. When Do Kyung also tells So Ra’s mother he is not going to marry her daughter his gransfather relegates him to the European branch. In response to this Do Kyung turns in his resignment from Haesung Group. He tells his parents he wants to be independent and live on his own.

Episode 29

Episode 30

Credit: KBS World TV, thank you!

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Online Voting 2017 KBS Best Couple Award!

KBS has put up the page for the 2017 KBS Drama Awards!

Header 2017 KBS Drama AwardsThe online viewers voting for amongst others “Best Couple Award” has started. Park Si Hoo & Shin Hye Sun are nominated in this category!

Best Couple Award Park Si Hoo & Shin Hye Sun

If you have a KBS account, you can leave your vote for them! It is possible to vote from: 2017.12.18  – 2017.12.25 until midnight.

Link to vote

The presentation of the 2017 KBS Drama Awards will be held on Sunday December 31, 2017 starting 21:15h Korean Time.

Unfortunately, voting is only possible for KBS members. So, if you happen to be one, don’t hesitate to leave your vote for the couple Park Si Hoo & Shin Hye Sun! Thank you!

Credit: KBS Drama Awards, thank you!

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MGL: Choi Do Kyung On His Own, But Not As Planned!

Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung

Throughout episode 31 of “My Golden Life” Choi Do Kyung was busy preparing for his leave from Haesung Group and the family, but in the end this leave did not go not as planned!

Scene episode 31 "My Golden Life"

After Choi Do Kyung’s last visit to Seo Ji An to pay for the lamps, his grandfather was waiting for him in his room. As the parents hadn’t been able to control their son, grandfather had come to put things straight. When Choi Do Kyung insisted on his independency and living on his own, his grandfather took everything of worth away from him, as it had only been given to him because he was the grandson of the Chairman of Haesung Group! Then he made his grandson leave the house empty handed in the freezing cold with nothing but his clothes on and some cash in the wallet! What kind of grandfather is this? He doesn’t have a heart, but a stone in his body!

The preview for episode 32 shows Choi Do Kyung doesn’t intend to come back on his word and starts with a life on his own from scratch. He can’t even rely on his best friend Kim Gi Jae for help! Friend? No, this is not a friend at all!

P.s.: I don’t agree with the translation of Seo Ji An saying “I never want to see Choi Do Kyung again”. It is contradicting with the look on her face and the tears in her eyes. The correct translation would rather be: “I will never see Choi Do Kyung again”. This realization is not making her feel happy at all!

Credit: KBS Drama &, thank you!

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