Various Screen Shots Episode 3 “My Golden Life” 2017.09.09

Saturday September 9 KBS 2 aired episode 3 of “My Golden Life”. In just one episode happens a lot. I liked various scenes so much. Some of them I have compiled in a video. Enjoy!

Video edited by Wilma, thank you!

Credit: KBS2, thank you!

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Episode 3 “My Golden Life” Soon to Air 2017.09.09

In a few hours KBS2 will air episode 3 of “My Golden Life”! The preview looks promising. Are you ready to watch?

Those not living in South Korea can watch through the KBS website:

  1. Then click the small triangle next to “On Air-VOD” left on top
  2. Click KBS2 on the menu and the player will appear
  3. Episode 3 will start 19:55h Korean Time and 12:55h in time zone GMT+2

Let’s watch together again!

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[K STAR] Did You Watch “My Golden Life”? 2017.09.08

K STAR reported about the rise in viewer rating above 20% after 2nd episode of “My Golden Life”!

Tomorrow KBS2 will air 3rd episode of “My Golden Life” and today K STAR uploaded a video in which the two MCs talk about 1st weekend of “My Golden Life”.

A viewer rating above 20% after 2nd episode is considered to be the announcement of a big hit drama! Park Si Hoo’s chemistry and the attractive character of Choi Do Kyung will make this happen!
They are speaking of a successful return after 5 years of Park Si Hoo with a terrestrial drama!
There is a growing interest in the house theater as it is expected that
Park Si Hoo will set up a record through the terrestrial drama he has released in five years!

This is such good news! Finally, Park Si Hoo is back in full lime light! We know his worth and no one can keep Park Si Hoo low any longer!

Credit: K, thank you!

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Billboard Poster “My Golden Life”

A few days ago KBS revealed the billboard poster of “My Golden Life” on one of its buildings!

Billboard Poster "My Golden Life"
The text in pink shows when and where you can watch “My Golden Life”.
(KBS2 토 일 저녁 7시 55 분 = KBS2 Saturday Sunday Evening 7:55)

Last year September I made a bus tour through Seoul and those huge billboards attract attention from far. It’s so high placed that you simply can’t miss seeing it!

Yesterday Park Si Hoo uploaded the same photo on his Instagram to wish eveyone “Good Night” 

Credit: KBS, thank you!

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[VDO] Interview Entertainment Weekly with Main Cast “My Golden Life” 2017.09.04

As part of promoting the new weekend drama “My Golden Life” Entertainment Weekly had an interview with Park Si Hoo,
Shin Hye Sun, Seo Eun Soo and Lee Tae Hwan. The video has English subtitles!

It is a funny interview. Park Si Hoo so full of confidence and the other three saying they feel pressured because of the success of “My Father Is Strange” which ran before “My Golden Life”. Enjoy watching!

Credit: KBS World, thank you!

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2nd Episode “My Golden Life” 2017.09.03

Sunday September 3, 2017 KBS aired 2nd episode and this was so good! Most hilarious scene was the cat fight of Seo Ji An and
Choi Do Kyung’s look on his face after he saw Seo Ji An’s head pinch!


A lot happened in this episode. Seo Ji An got out of work, Seo Ji Soo stood up for her sister against Choi Do Kyung and the mothers of Choi Do Kyung and the twin sisters had a confrontation about the lost daughter. Took some screen shots again!

The nationwide viewer ratings of this episode on Nielsen surpassed those of the 1st episode! Saturday it was 1st spot and 19.7%; Sunday it was
1st spot again and 23.7%! This is really great! K Star News brought it up in a news report!

Credit: K, thank you!

Park Si Hoo is back with a blast! Everyone who is not watching “My Golden Life” is missing out big! The whole cast of this drama makes it a must see from start to finish! Can’t wait until coming Saturday and Sunday!

For the viewers who want to watch on KBS World TV remember that “My Golden Life” will be aired with English subtitles starting Saturday September 9, 2017!

Credit: KBS & Nielsen, thank you!

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First Episode “My Golden Life” 2017.09.02

Finally, KBS 2 started with the broadcasting of the weekenddrama “My Golden Life” with Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung on Saturday
September 2, 2017!


I’ve taken a small video from behind my monitor. I can connect with the KBS 2 website player from The Netherlands!

Also, I’ve taken some screen shots to share with you. They are somewhat blurred because of streaming quality, but still it will show the many different facial expressions of Choi Do Kyung and this is only the first episode of the total of 50!


The storyline is very interesting and there is good chemistry between all cast members! Despite my lack of understanding Korean language, I enjoyed watching only to the fullest!

Nielsen has already released the viewer ratings for Saturday and “My Golden Life” ranked first with 19.7% nationwide. That’s the news we were waiting for! I will connect again with KBS our time 12:55h (GMT+2) for watching episode 2!

In case you don’t know or can’t remember how to watch “My Golden Life” when not living in South Korea, read this post again!

How to Watch “My Golden Life” Live

KBS World will start broadcasting with English subtitles next weekend at 21:20h KST and 14:20h (GMT+2, The Netherlands) on September 9, 2017.

Let’s enjoy watching together and give Park Si Hoo our full support!

Credit: KBS and Nielsen, thank you!

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Production Presentation “My Golden Life” 2017.08.29 #2

Shortly after the production presentation of “My Golden Life” uploaded Park Si Hoo a photo on his Instagram. He looks happy and relieved!

Park Si Hoo Instagram 2017.08.29

Also HOO Factory came up with a beautiful post with lots of photos from this important day for Park Si Hoo on their Naver blog! Please, go there and like this post, leave your comment and follow, if you are not already doing so! The team is updating the blog on regular intervals!

Credit: Instagram Park Si Hoo & Naver blog HOO Factory, thank you!

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Good Day from Park Si Hoo 2017.08.31

Not that long ago Park Si Hoo uploaded a new photo on his Instagram wishing everyone a Good Day~

Park Si Hoo Instagram 2017.08.31

He looks so gorgeous and relaxed! 😀

Credit: Instagram Park Si Hoo, thank you!

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Production Presentation “My Golden Life” 2017.08.29 #1

Many, many news reports were released regarding the production presentation of “My Golden Life” held at Amoris, Times Square, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul on Tuesday August 29, 2017.

Production Presentation "My Golden Life" 2017.08.29

Credit as on photo

Park Si Hoo’s appearance on stage before the production presentation to apologize for his long absence attracted most attention. Most of the media linked this apology to the 2013 incident, although it was not mentioned in Park Si Hoo’s speech. He finished the speech with a sincere bow.

Bow Park Si Hoo 2017.08.29

Credit as on photo

The video below shows Park Si Hoo’s apology ending with the respectful bow as token of his sincerity.


In short, Park Si Hoo said he was more nervous and trembling than for any other production presentation. It has been a year since he was a local hero and 6 years since KBS’ “The Princess’ Man”. He felt honored to greet with a good work through KBS again. He sincerely apologized for the worries he caused to everyone who always believed in him. He will work hard to not cause worries to the crew, cast and viewers. He asked for love and support for “My Golden Life” which is a good drama and makes him happy.

Credit: Korean media, thank you!

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