Cancellation SGC Super LIVE Japan Confirmed

 Park Si Hoo Weibo 2017.03.11

Photo credit: Weibo Park Si Hoo, thanks

The organizer has offically confirmed the cancellation of the SGC Super LIVE Japan Event. They couldn’t come to an agreement with the performers. They apologized for the inconvenience caused.

Consequently, because of the cancellation Park Si Hoo’s appearance as MC on June 28 does not go on. That is a pity, because he was so looking forward to it. However, it allows him to take some rest now and consider his offer for a role in “My Golden Life”!

Credit: SGC Japan, thank you!

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Park Si Hoo in Promo Video SGC Super LIVE 2017.06.27-28

Although it is rumored the event SGC Super LIVE in Yokohama Arena might be canceled, I can’t keep Park Si Hoo’s video message away from here!

Credit:, thank you!

He is very enthusiastic about his first assignment as a MC on this Fashion Show and Concert. It is a real change, he is very excited and looking forward to meet with everyone!

For the first time Park Si Hoo will be the interviewer and presenter and not the performer! You can do it Park Si Hoo!

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Overview Shows Osaka 2017.06.11

Thanks to all the fans who attented Park Si Hoo’s “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival” in Osaka and shared their photos on Instagram, Twitter and, I can create a memory of the shows to enjoy here.


The afternoon show was dedicated to Baek Si Yoon holding talks in his bar. He was wearing a floral outfit. You can’t miss! The evening show was also dedicated to Baek Si Yoon, but then being the hero in Osaka. You recognize him wearing a leather jacket.

Photo credits: Instagram, Twitter and, thank you!

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TelePlus (Japan) Broadcasting Dramas & Interviews Park Si Hoo

In Japan TelePlus started to broadcast Park Si Hoo’s drama “Neighborhood Hero” every Thursday and Friday evening from June 15 to June 26. Two episodes each evening.

Park Si Hoo in Neighborhood Hero

They will broadcast “Prosecutor Princess” starting July 13 every week from Monday to Friday.

Park Si Hoo in Prosecutor Princess

“How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor” is scheduled to broadcast in August.

Park Si Hoo in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor
Because of the broadcasting of above-mentioned dramas and “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival” TelePlus has also interviewed Park Si Hoo. These interviews, 10 minutes each, will be broadcast from June 20 to July 4. On July 5 all interviews will be put together in one extended interview and distributed through their YouTube channel.

Park Si Hoo Interview TelePlus

 Credit: TelePlus, thank you!

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[VDO] Thank You and More by Park Si Hoo!

On June 19, Park Si Hoo’s cats Jami & Dami, shared a video of their dad with two messages.


Credit: Park SIHOO JAPAN OFFICIAL FAN, thank you!

Park Si Hoo started conveying his thanks to his fans for making the drama festival a big success. He was happy that everything turned out well, but sad at the same time, because it had come to an end.

Then he said that soon….soon he would announce his new drama and asked for our full support and lots of love just as he loves us too!

So still no official confirmation that “My Golden Life” will be his next new drama! However, soon – please, the sooner the better – Park Si Hoo will reward our patience! I can’t wait to hear the official announcement of his next new drama from his own lips!

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[VDO][KSTAR] Park Si Hoo Departing for “Dramatic Promotion” in Japan

The day Park Si Hoo left for Fukuoka on June 8, K STAR held an interview with him while walking along.

Park Si Hoo told he was going to Japan, because a drama he did was being broadcast on the terrestrial and he was going to do a promotion event.

The voice-over mentioned that as of June the works of Park Si Hoo are being broadcast throughout Japan.

Park Si Hoo responded he felt great about the broadcasting on the station.

The voice-over continued saying Park Si Hoo consequently, prepared a special meeting with Japanese fans called dramatic promotion. He also worked with a terrestrial broadcaster to record special broadcasts. It is known Park Si Hoo visited Kanazawa. The broadcasts will be packed with various aspects and is attracting the expectations of local fans in Japan.

Park Si Hoo said to K STAR viewers it had been a long time and he is coming to Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo for promotion now.

The voice-over concluded to say Park Si Hoo’s drama “Neighborhood hero” is once again popular in Japan with Japanese broadcasting. Hallyu star
Park Si Hoo’s unending steps will continue in the future.

Credit: Star News K., thank you!

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[SNS] Finishing Up Successful “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival” 2016.06.15

Park Si Hoo finished up a successful “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival” in Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo by sharing photos on his Instagram and Weibo accounts. It has been a happy event!

Park Si Hoo Grand Finale Tokyo 20170615

Weibo: Have a nice day~

Credit: SNS Park Si Hoo, thank you!

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Flight Schedule Return Flight 2017.06.16

Unless something will change in Park Si Hoo’s planning, Sihoorang has announced the following flight details of the return flight.

Park Si Hoo at Incheon Airport 20170608

  • Date: Friday June 16, 2017
  • Flight: OZ 1035
  • From: Haneda Airport Tokyo (HND)
  • Departure: 8:05 pm (20:05h)
  • To: Gimpo Airport Seoul (GMP)
  • Arrival: 10:25 pm (23:25h)

Despite the short notice fans are encouraged to send Park Si Hoo off at Haneda Airport and welcome him at Gimpo Airport!

Credit: Sihoorang, thank you!

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[IG] Park Si Hoo (Tokyo): “See You Soon”

Today, Thursday June 15, Park Si Hoo is performing the last two shows of his “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival” in Tokyo. “See You Soon


Park Si Hoo "Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival" 20170615
Credit: instagram@park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

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Less than 24 Hours to the Final Shows!

It is less than 24 hours to the final shows of the “Thanksgiving Festival” tour in Japan. Tuesday June 13 Park Si Hoo let us know he had arrived in Tokyo!


Tokyo Tower 
Tokyo Tower

Today, June 14, Jami & Dami as well as Park Si Hoo himself showed he is hard practicing to make a success of the two final shows!


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Credit: instagram@park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

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