[VDO] Let’s Get Married (2005)

Some time ago ParkSiHoo4U uploaded two VDOs about “Let’s Get Married”. Though these VDOs share some similar scenes, I would like to share them with you. The background music is different and it gives an impression of Park Si Hoo’s role in this drama in the early days of his acting career. Enjoy watching!^^

VDO #1

VDO #2

Credit VDOs: pshfans@youtube.com, thank you!

Happy Birthday Park Si Hoo!^^


April 3 is Park Si Hoo’s special day. Let’s wish him a Happy Birthday!^^

He will have a special celebration in Buyeo with his Japanese fans organized by his Japan Official Fan Club from April 5 – 7. Rice wreaths will be donated for his birthday to give to the needy in Buyeo by several fan bases. Meetings between Park Si Hoo and his fans are always memorable.^^


Picture edited by Peris (Wilma = me)


[VDO] “Scent” Press Conference March 26, 2014

Park Si Hoo attended the End-of-Shooting Celebration and Press Conference for “Scent” in Beijing, China, on March 26 this year. The Chinese media elaborated on this event. The VDOs below give an impression of how it looked like. No English subs, but it’s worth watching Park Si Hoo. Please, enjoy!^^

VDO #1

VDO #2

VDO #3

Credit VDOs: wanismile su@youtube.com, thank you!



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