[VDO] How Park Si Hoo Is Keeping Fit


During the shooting of “The Princess’ Man” Park Si Hoo was interviewed by a reporter for a midnight entertainment show. He asked Park Si Hoo about his secrets to keep fit during the shooting of dramas. Finally, Park Si Hoo showed some of the exercises he is doing apart from following his banana diet (i.e. 2 bananas, 2 boiled eggs and 2 cooked potatoes for lunch). However, Park Si Hoo is eating bananas for every meal. So he eats a lot of them! Why bananas? They have a lot of fiber, good for constipation, low calories and very good for dieting.


Credit: 朴施厚吧@youku.com

Exercise 1 to tone your muscles:
Breathe in – hold your breath for one minute.
Repeat after one minute.

Exercise 2:
Sit on something high – put your hands beside your body – lean a bit backwards.
Raise your feet to your chest up and down.
Do 3 sets of 30.
This exercise will prevent you from having constipation.

Exercise 3:
This one is to exercise your heart and lungs.
Hold both hands together (as if in prayer) and push out forcefully.
Do it 10 – 20 times to be effective.
This way you will expand your chest.

Be careful, if you want to try Park Si Hoo’s diet and exercises. He is in a very good shape and condition already. He knows what he can do and what not. Someone who is not used to do exercises, especially the first and second one, should start low and increase the frequency gradually.

How long can you hold your breath? I tried and had to take a breath after 20 seconds already.


Source: ParkSiHoo4U

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[VDO] HARU: An Unforgettable Day In Korea (English subs)

In 2010 Korean Tourism Productions released the short drama “HARU: An Unforgettable Day In Korea” online.
The main purpose of this one-part drama of approximately
30 minutes was to promote tourism in Korea. This web drama consists of 6 group scenarios with 10 Hallyu stars acting in them. Through its interwoven story, Haru aims to tell viewers even more about South Korea.


Park Si Hoo was part of the cast. Other cast members were
Han Chae Young, Kim Beom, U-Know, Lee Da Hae and Big Bang (Choi Seung Hyeon, G-Dragon, Daesung, Seung Ri, Taeyang),Park Myeong Cheon was the director and Lee Jeong Ah took care of the screenplay.


I’d like to share this drama with you as part of Park Si Hoo’s work.

Credit: TheChristie0328@youtube.com, thank you!

Please, take your time for watching!^^

Credit: Hancinema & Dorama, thank you!

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New Voting Competition: 2014 Korean Male Gods in China and Taiwan

A new voting competition has started.


Starting 2014.05.20 / Ending 2014.06.30

Click this link: http://www.ettoday.net/events/prince2014/prince-list.php?pkind=4


Voting instructions:


1. Click Facebook under Park Si Hoo’s (朴施厚) photo – new page        appears
2. Click LIKE (small blue rectangle) in the left corner first time.

3. Pop-up appears to log in – put in details
4. Click long red rectangle to AUTHORIZE ETtoday APP
5. Click small red rectangle to VOTE

After your first visit you don’t have to like Facebook again, because you have already done. Proceed with step 4 and then put in your details.

You can vote once a day per IP address.

At the moment Park Si Hoo is in 3rd place with 1,598 votes.
So let’s vote for a higher position!^^

Credit: ParkSiHoo4U, thank you!

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[MV] Park Si Hoo – Season in the Sun

This MV is showing a selection of photos at the beginning of
Park Si Hoo’s acting career. A much younger Si Hoo who has only become more handsome and gorgeous over the years. Park Si Hoo is singing “Season in the Sun”. This song is always sung during fan meetings by Si Hoo combined with dance moves.^^

Credit: oscar4500@YouTube.com, thanks!

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Release First Concept Poster “Scent”

The first concept poster of “Scent” has been released.

Unlike conventional concept posters it does not use figures, landscape, and other forms of realism. Instead it combines characteristics of pop art, appearing as a composition with a strong sense of artistic design of painting in the sight of the audience. The composition of this concept poster expresses the theme of the film “odor of love”.

I guess it’s something you must like. Although the silhouettes of Park Si Hoo and Chen Ran are visible, I really hope a more conventional poster will be released as well. How about you?

Source: ParkSiHoo4U

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[VDO] COM: Exclusive Car Chase

The car chase in “Confession of Murder” is an exciting part of the movie. Please, watch and judge for yourself.^^

Credit: Lemon Claire@YouTube.com, thank you!


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[MV] Park Si Hoo’s Trip To Beijing, China from April 15 to 17, 2014


Park Si Hoo’s attendance to the opening ceremony of “4th Beijing International Film Festival” together with the “Scent” production staff has been a great success. Park Si Hoo was admired for his interaction with the numerous fans who screamed his name and were recording videos of him. Park Si Hoo kept smiling as a true “Smiling Star”. Many of the participants as well as staff approached him for photos and autographs testifying to his high popularity in China. Before the ceremony Park Si Hoo was joking around with his co-stars and they took some selfies. Park si Hoo’s smile and charisma have earned him the nickname of the “Smiling Prince”. His personal image and charitable activities have also won him the nickname of “Warm Male”.

The photos I’ve used in this MV are just a small part of all the ones that are circulating on the world wide web. However, it gives an impression of how popular Park Si Hoo is in China. Whenever he
appears there he is awaited by many fans who keep supporting him from the moment of arriving till the moment of departure.

Members of EXO are partly of Chinese origin. So their music is appropriate to this MV and the screaming at the background during their performance is the same screaming Park Si Hoo encounters as soon as he lands in China. Hope you enjoy the combination of the photos and music in this MV.^^

Source of information: ParkSiHoo4U

Credit photos: ParkSiHoo4U & Sihoorang, thank you!

Music: Mix of Mama, Myotic & Lucifer by EXO during MAMA 2012


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[MV] Let’s Have A Good Time With Park Si Hoo

One of the MVs I created some time ago with sexy photos of Park Si Hoo set to his song “Shampoo” and I still like it. Hope you like it too.^^


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Tweet HOO_factory May 16, 2014

HOO_factory, Park Si Hoo’s official agency, left a tweet on
May 16, 2014.


<Magazine> [#Park Si Hoo] To be released on 2014-05-31!
Park Si Hoo’s magazine ENISHI season 2 volume 3!!
Introduction to delicious restaurants in Buyeo and Seoul!
And since Hoo’s debut appearance to be disclosed in ENISHI only a surprise public appearance!!!

Credit: Hoo_factory, thank you!

English translation by Wilma.

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[Star Date] The Princess’ Man (English subs)

After the first Star Date to introduce “The Princess’ Man” followed two more, because of the huge success during broadcasting of this period drama with Park Si Hoo as Kim Seung Yoo. Almost three years after broadcasting in S. Korea “The Princess’ Man” is still in high demand in countries like Japan and other Asian countries. Star Dates are always fun to watch and providing information at the same time.

VDO #1 Press Conference of New Drama “The Princess’ Man”

VDO #2 The Princess’ Man – Secrets of Success

VDO #3 The Princess’ Man – About The Final Episode

Credit VDOs: KBS World TV@YouTube.com, thank you!

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