Park Si Hoo’s Arrival At Beijing On August 12, 2014

A couple of photos which show how many Chinese fans had queued up to welcome Park Si Hoo.^^












Credit: Sihoorang & ParkSiHoo4U, thank you!

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[VDO] Park Si Hoo’s leaving from Incheon Airport By OBS News

So far one VDO surfaced in a news report about Park Si Hoo’s leave for Beijing to promote “Scent”.

Credit: Lemon, thank you!


Source: OBS News

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Park Si Hoo Departing From Incheon To Beijing On August 12, 2014

Today, Tuesday August 12, Park Si Hoo left for China for the premiere and promotion of movie “Scent”. As the names on the photos show you various news reporters have come to send off Park Si Hoo.^^


















Credit: Sihoorang, thank you!

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How Come Park Si Hoo Is So Popular In China?


Recently I read an interesting article about the reasons of
Park Si Hoo’s popularity in China.

The original article from China Taiwan Network expressed that “People have high expectations of Park Si Hoo meeting his Chinese fans through “Scent” and that “It is undeniable that Park Si Hoo
will show his charm again through “Scent””. It also refers to
Park Si Hoo being a “cat” man. “A
man who loves cats is more attractive”.

A Chinese film industry official analyzed the reasons why Chinese fans like Park Si Hoo. According to this official Park Si Hoo’s popularity is due to:

  • Park Si Hoo jumping to Korean Male God, because he is being respected and worshipped through the dramas “Iljimae”, “The Princess’ Man” and “Cheongdam-dong Alice”.
  • Park Si Hoo becoming a Hallyu star within one to two years. Mainly thanks to the diversified roles in his works over the years to build a fan base.
  • Park Si Hoo participating in a Chinese movie being a Hallyu star is very rare. As Park Si Hoo is making his comeback through a Chinese film it draws much more attention.
  • The director and actors who were working with him praised his acting skills. Thus “Scent”¬†being chosen as the most anticipated film in August is not strange.

The popularity of Park Si Hoo is the major factor of the survey results from a survey conducted by China’s influential search portal Sina on “The movie-I-most-want-to-see-in August¬†2014″.
Park Si Hoo’s “Scent” was ranked No. 1, although grand movies starring famous Chinese
stars are to be shown in August as well.

In my opinion Park Si Hoo is a very gifted actor. As soon as he takes on a new role he will bring this role alive. Though
Park Si Hoo played many characters, he managed to play every character
as if he was that character in real life. So I have no doubt “Kang In Joon” will leave an indelible impression and gain
Park Si Hoo more admirers and make his fan base grow bigger with a lot of
new fans. The strength of Park Si Hoo’s fan base is that fans of all ages, nationalities and females as well as males are represented.


Source: ParkSiHoo4U, thank you!

Credit photo: ParkSiHooInThai, thank you!

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Sexy Park Si Hoo In Shaving Scene “Scent”

These gif and photos show the reason why Park Si Hoo put on a diet for his role of Kang In Joon in “Scent”.







Credit: ParkSiHooInScent, thank you!

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[Announcement] Back Again


Because of technical issues with the server this blog has been offline for almost 48 hours. So if you were wondering why you couldn’t reach the blog, that’s why.

As from Monday August 11, I’ll be posting at least once a day again. Thank you for your consideration and hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!^^

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[VDO][Showbiz Extra] Park Si Hoo’s PAT Photoshoot

This is an interview from August 2010 during Park Si Hoo’s photoshoot for PAT with English subs and voice over.

Credit: dhinie, thank you!

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Park Si Hoo’s OST “The Sound Of You” for movie “Scent” beats JYJ & TVXQ


The OST for the Chinese movie “Scent” sung by Park Si Hoo is currently on the top of the music charts.

The OST titled, “The Sound of You” is a collaboration with
Park Si Hoo and producer Kim Hyeong Seok. Park Si Hoo recorded it in both Korean and Chinese. The video was exclusively revealed on one of China’s biggest portal sites.

Park Si Hoo’s “The Sound of You” ranked first place in the Chinese charts on the 8th of August Korean time. Both Korean and Chinese versions came up on live time chart, ‘King Chart’.

Park Si Hoo’s agency stated, “It beats JYJ and TVXQ in 8th and 6th place. This is the power of ‘Asian Prince Park Si Hoo’. We are grateful so many people are showing interest in Park Si Hoo’s first Chinese movie. We did not think we would get a reaction like this”.

Park Si Hoo’s “Scent” will be released on the 15th of August all over China.


Source: TVreport

Credit: Hancinema, thank you!


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[MV][OST] Queen of Reversals (2010) – Dazzling Confession by Sung Si Kyung

One of the songs from the OST of “Queen of Reversals”.

Credit: Patchplew, thank you!

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[MV][OST] “Scent” – “The Sound Of Your Coming” by Park Si Hoo

The full versions of “The Sound Of Your Coming” from the OST of “Scent” sung by Park Si Hoo were released at Baidu (Chinese biggest portal) on August 5, 2014. Park Si Hoo is singing the song in Korean as well as Chinese.

Korean version

Chinese version


Credit: ParkSiHooInScent, thank you!

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