These are links to Park Si Hoo’s social networks and other sites where you can find interesting news about Park Si Hoo.^^

Twitter -> HOO_factory


Facebook -> HOO factory

Facebook (new) -> HOO Factory 

YouTube -> hoofactory

Instagram -> hoofactory_entertainment

Naver Post -> hoofactory_ent

Naver Blog -> hoofactory_ent

Meipai -> 朴施厚

Weibo -> 朴施厚

Instagram -> park_si_hoo_01

Park Si Hoo’s Korean Fan Café -> Sihoorang

Park Si Hoo Japan Official Fan Club -> JOFC

Fresh Live TV -> Park Sihoo Channel

Blog for International Fans Park Si Hoo -> ParkSihooSsi

Dutch Fanclub supporting Park Si Hoo -> Park Si Hoo Fanclub NL

Dutch website supporting Park Si Hoo -> Park Si Hoo in Nederlands

Blog supporting Park Si Hoo -> ParkSiHooSonOfBuyeo

Thai blog -> ParkSiHooInThai 

Scent blog -> ParksiHooInScent


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  1. I have just added the link to Park Si Hoo’s Meipai page to the list. Sometimes the short videos may take some time to load.

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