Park Si Hoo Birthday 2021.04.03

PSH Birthday card 2021

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For second year in row no physical birthday party, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Besides this, Park Si Hoo is also busy for filming “Mentalist”, of course.

However, fans who had been able to buy the birthday package organized by
Park Si Hoo Japan Official Fanclub and Mentorshop, were having a chance to be invited for a Zoom-meeting with Park Si Hoo at Saturday 3rd of April. So a selected group of fans could happily celebrate Park Si Hoo’s birthday for half an hour at Zoom!

Before the start of the Zoom-meeting Park Si Hoo’s hair dresser had shared a video which showed Park Si Hoo blowing out the candles on the birthday cake and the team singing Happy Birthday for him. Click the image and you can watch this video at Instagram!

PSH Birthday 2021

Credit: Instagram@e_namgyu, thank you!

Last, but not least, the JOFC shared a photo of Park Si Hoo after the Zoom-meeting had ended! Now we all have seen how  Park Si Hoo looked like at his birthday Zoom-meeting!

PSH Birtday Zoom 2021

Credit: Instagram@parksihoojp, thank you!

Park Si Hoo, though for a short time only, we hope you enjoyed celebrating your birthday with your fans through Zoom!



Credit: parksihoojp, e_namgyu & parksihooka, thank you!

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