Welcome Year of the OX 2021


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Friday 12th February 2021 the Ox replaced the Rat and so we are now enjoying the Year of the OX.

The Year of the Rat 2020 will be remembered as the year which brought problems all around the world with the COVID-19 pandemic. The world is still figthing to get this virus under control. We truly wish the OX will lead us steady and slow into better times where we can enjoy to be together again without social distancing.

Of course, the year of 2020 has not only been misery. Luckily, Park Si Hoo and his another family could meet once face-to-face at his Fan Meeting in Japan on the 5th of January. He left from Gimpo Airport on the 4th of January. A fond memory of when all was still “normal”!

Park Si Hoo

For the first time after his successful historical drama “The Princess’ Man” (2011) Park Si Hoo won everyone’s heart in TV Chosuns’ historical drama “Wind, Cloud & Rain” as Choi Cheon Joong with Ko Sung Hee at his side. Another big hit, which is still being broadcasted in Japan and on Netflix in Korea!

Poster Wind, Cloud & Rain

Usually, every disadvantage comes with an advantage. Because of all COVID-19 limitations fan meetings in person were not possible. Thanks to all advanced technology the first online fan meeting was held on 14th November 2020. Many fans from abroad could take part too and have their first ever chance to see Park Si Hoo from close.

Park Si Hoo Online FM

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Now we are waiting for Park Si Hoo’s next project. Early January it was confirmed that he was considering positively on an offer for the Korean remake of “The Mentalist” to play the lead role of Patrick Jane. In the original series Simon Baker has made a big success of Patrick Jane. So this will be a big challenge for Park Si Hoo and we all know he is up for any challenge! No more news since then. The broadcaster and when the drama will start are not known yet.

Park Si Hoo aka Patrick Jane Towards the end of January it was also confirmed who might play Teresa Lisbon in this Korean remake. Lee Si Young is considering to take this role and team up with Park Si Hoo.

PSH remake Mentalist

Although Park Si Hoo has been quiet for a while now, we do have something to look forward to. Once all details for this psychological crime drama are settled, we sure will hear more. Meanwhile, be patient and take care!

Have a good, happy, prosperous and above all healthy Year of the OX! Cheers!

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