WCR: What Happened with Lee Bong Ryeon?

Park Si Hoo as Choi Cheon Joong

At the end of episode 7 we watched how Lee Bong Ryeon fell off the cliff, when she was distracted with Lee Ha Eung’s gun shot. When Lee Bong Ryeon tried to protect Choi Cheon Joong against Lee Ha Eung, he put himself in front of her, but in fail.

Scene episode 7 "Wind, Cloud & Rain"

Prior to episode 8 Korean media gave insights on what we can expect in episode 8, which will start on TV Chosun at 22.50 hours Korean time.

We were witness of how Choi Cheon Joong shouted out in deep despair after the fall. The picture shows he found her beneath the cliff, but unconscious and fell in deeper despair. It’s unclear what will happen next, as Lee Bong Reyong disappeared.

Scene episode 8 "Wind, Cloud & Rain"Both Lee Ha Eung and Choi Cheon Joong will be summoned to appear before king Cheol Jong. He doesn’t take it lightly that his daughter has disappeared and their possible involvement with this.

Scene episode 8 "Wind, Cloud & Rain"

As last traces of Lee Bong Ryeon lead to Chae In Gyu, who had imprisoned her in his house, he is in deep trouble now. Both the royal family and the Jandong Kim clan hold him responsible for Lee Bong Ryeon’s disappearance. Kim Byung Woon will turn his back to Chae In Gyu as he has become useless to benefit the Kim family any longer.

Scene episode 8 "Wind, Cloud & Rain"

Watch the preview for episode 8 for more insights into what’s is going to happen in episode 8.

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Screenshot preview episode 8 "Wind, Cloud & Rain"

In a few hours our curiosity will be satisfied on how Choi Cheon Joong and
Lee Bong Ryeon will fare in episode 8. Don’t forget to connect in time with
TV Chosun’s website!

Link to watch: http://broadcast.tvchosun.com/onair/on.cstv

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