[2020] Happy Birthday Park Si Hoo!^^


Edited by Wilma (Peris), thank you!

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 which is holding the whole world as hostage, the planned Park Si Hoo birthday celebration had to be postponed to a later date this year.

But, of course, this doesn’t mean Park Si Hoo’s birthday passed by unnoticed! All his fans around the world have left their birthday wishes throughout the social media.

party gif

Also ParkSihooSsi.com prepared a special Birthday post for our favorite actor where you still can leave your birhday wish for Park Si Hoo in the comments section. If you have not done so click right away on ParkSihooSsi.com. Nance has promised she would collect all birthday wishes and hand them over to Park Si Hoo as soon as the opportunity will be given again!

Let’s enjoy our birthday boy in slow motion through one of his last TikTok videos during filming for “Wind, Cloud and Rain” as Choi Cheon Joong! 

Happy Birthday Park Si Hoo! Fighting!


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