Park Si Hoo at TikTok

Park Si Hoo TikTok

Yesterday Park Si Hoo surprised all his fans with a video from TikTok. He let us know through his IG, we could find him there! The URL-address is in his post!

The video beneath is my favorite sofar. I love to see our favorite actor walk in various outfits, we will see him wear in “Wind, Cloud and Rain” coming May!


@sihootnc드라마 ‘바람과 구름과 비’ 촬영중입니다 기대 많이 해주세요☺##박시후 ##시후 ##parksihoo ##sihoo ##드라마 ##바람과구름과비 ##촬영 ##사극패션 ##사극♬ 이게 혹시 바로 – 이성경X이루리

I was not at TikTok yet, but I made an account to follow our man. How about you? Will you follow him too?

First, download the TikTok app to your phone and make your personal account, if you not already have one, and then search for @sihootnc. It’s really easy to do. See you there!

Credit: tiktok/@sihootnc

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