Park Si Hoo in Final Round KBoard Voting


Park Si Hoo has reached the final round of the voting on KBoard to choose “The Most Popular Actor in Korean Dramas!”


This final round lasts till 2nd March 2020 (Mon) am 10:59!

Park Si Hoo is facing a tough competitor – Jang Keun Suk, who is known to have a huge fanbase. At the moment Park Si Hoo has the lead and he needs his fans from all over the world to keep this lead and win this tournament for “THE MOST POPULAR ACTOR IN KOREAN DRAMAS!

Long-term Park Si Hoo fans will remember how all Park Si Hoo sisters from Korea, Japan, China, Europe and the Americas joined hands before to make him win voting competitions! We have to do this again! Let’s leave our votes EVERY
whenever we have a spare moment, so that the voting will be going on 24/7! As Park Si Hoo’s global fans we can do this!

Click the KBoard banner or

KBoard voting

Click “Vote” for the first time and you will be taken to next screen!

KBoard Voting

Now click vote under Park Si Hoo’s picture and next screen with the results will appear!

KBoard Voting

When you use Chrome webbrowser you can see in your native language at which time you have voted and know when you can vote again (after 10 minutes)!

So Park Si Hoo sisters from all over the world, let’s join hands again and make our favorite actor Park Si Hoo the Most Popular Actor in Korean Dramas! We can do it! Fighting!

Credits: KBoard, thank you!

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