Vote Park Si Hoo in “Mihan-BIHAN”

Park Si Hoo

Park Si Hoo is cast in the popular ranking site “Mihan-BIHAN” for Korean actors and actresses. He is part of the category actors in their 40s! The voting started on
April 15, 2019!

Voting screen

Park Si Hoo first ranked 61st place and has climbed to 36th place, but, of course, we want him to climb much higher! You can leave one vote every 10 hours. Tick the heart in the box where you see a “Thank you message” now!

Voting screen Park Si Hoo
Here you can see how many votes Park Si Hoo got last and this week and in total so far!

Park Si Hoo's votes

So let us vote every 10 hours to increase Park Si Hoo’s ranking! Thank you!

Link to vote

Credit: Popular Ranking Site “Mihan-BIHAN”, thank you!

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Vote Park Si Hoo in “Mihan-BIHAN” — 2 Comments

  1. It’s amazing how, in a few days, the number of votes has doubled and beyond! Park Si Hoo is ranked 12th today.

    • Yes, Dana, it’s really amazing! I just voted and Park Si Hoo is 11th now with 1,908 hearts in the general category and 3rd in the 40s category. 😀

      Have a nice day!