Park Si Hoo’s Special Way of Communicating

Park Si Hoo in LA

Park Si Hoo is very creative in his way of communicating with his fans through his social media. In times of silence when nothing is really happening and we, his fans, are wondering what’s going on, he comes up with one or more photos at his social media accounts. Mostly Instagram and/or Weibo. Although official news can’t be shared yet, his photo sharing always makes us guessing about the meaning behind it!

Pong Gu

This is what happened before Park Si Hoo announced the news of going to do a program with Channel A coming August. It’s about traveling with pets. The photo above he shared in a series about Pong Gu, his dad’s dog.

Shortly after this series, but still before the official announcement, Park Si Hoo shared a series of photos at Soho House in Los Angeles.

The Channel A program will most likely highlight when Park Si Hoo’s love for pets started. He grew up with dogs at his hometown. At home he is fathering two charming lady cats, Jami and Dami. It is said they will be in the program too. Also will Park Si Hoo travel to Canada. Lately I read pets are very important in this country. When the owners go on holidays, they hire people to look after their home and pets!

After the official announcement of this upcoming Channel A’s program Park Si Hoo shared a series of photos of him camping with Pong Gu in his hometown.

No selfies of Park Si Hoo this time. That’s why I guess this may be part of the Channel A’s program. We all know, Park Si Hoo loves camping to clear his head, after he has been busy for a long time. So maybe partly pleasure and partly job! 🙂

Whatever the reason, we as his fans are always happy when Park Si Hoo is communicating with us like this!

Credit: park_si_hoo_01@instagram, thank you!

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