[2019] Happy Birthday Park Si Hoo!

Birthday Card Park Si Hoo 2019

Edited by Wilma (Peris), thank you!

Hooray! Today, 3rd April 2019, Park Si Hoo is having his birthday!

Happy Birthday Park Si Hoo and many, many more to come!

Park Si Hoo’s international age is now 41 years. He doesn’t look like a 41-years-old, does he? 😛

However, his Korean age is 43 years! In Korea the age counting starts with 1! At Seollal everyone becomes 1 year older and then 1 more year is added with the day of birth! Usually, Seollal is in the months January/February depending on the Moon calendar. This explains why Park Si Hoo’s Korean age is 43 years! 😀

As “Babel” ended the weekend of 23rd and 24th March, Park Si Hoo had time for a private Birthday Party with friends. He generously shared photos with us through his Instagram and Weibo! I will show the Instagram ones here. Enjoy!

Friday 4th April Park Si Hoo will have his Birthday Celebration with his fans! I wish everyone a lot of fun! It will be a happy moment for both Park Si Hoo and our
Park Si Hoo sisters!

Credit: Instagram park_si_hoo_01, thank you!

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