Happy 5th Anniversary!

5th Anniversary

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

On 22nd March 2014 I started this website dedicated to Park Si Hoo. So today we are celebrating its 5th Anniversary! 😀

A lot has changed during these 5 years. Park Si Hoo is back on Korean stage! He made his first step with “Neighborhood Hero”. Do you remember how he fought the villains as the shadow?

Park Si Hoo as Baek Si Yoon

Then “My Golden Life” brought Park Si Hoo fully back in the limelight. Choi Do Kyung kept us glued to our monitors for many weekends. The arrogant and spoiled rich boy became a tender and caring man with a strong back bone!

Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung

“Lovely Horribly” is still fresh in our memories. How we enjoyed the sometimes spooky adventures of Yoo Philip. The top star actor who vanished from the limelight.

Park Si Hoo as Yoo Philip (Lovely Horribly)

This weekend “Babel” will end its course. Will Cha Woo Hyuk manage to survive the murderous intentions of Shin Hyun Sook and be a happy couple with Han Jung Won after all the obstacles on their path?

Episode 14 "Babel"

Although I don’t run this website on a daily base, I will continue to support
Park Si Hoo. He never disappoints and it is a pleasure to share all the news with all his fans around the world!

Photo credits: OCN, KBS Drama & TV Chosun, thank you!

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Happy 5th Anniversary! — 2 Comments

  1. Wilma, Happy 5th Anniversary of your blog “Park SI Hoo” … Korean Actor”! When I got acquainted with Park Si Hoo for the first time , it was on PSH4U, then on your blog, where I could find information about him. Now every morning, I take my breakfast while I read news on your blog and then for voting for him on the voting site.
    I congratulate you for your effort, I thank you for sharing us news about him, I wish health to continue this job that helps his fans all over the world to read in English up to date news.

    • Thank you for your warm words Stefania! 🙂

      Yes, our history together goes back to PSH4U. Our anchor for many years for sharing everything about Park Si Hoo! The PSH4U family has spread its wings, but we still meet each other on many places on the internet. This blog is one of those!

      Take good care of your health Stefania. I wish to have you around for many years to come! 😀