[Babel] Heartbreaking

Park Si Hoo as Cha Woo Hyuk (Babel)

The ending of episode 10 was so heartbreaking! During watching the last spy cam Han Jung Won was seen with the letter knife in her hand. This was enough evidence to arrest her at the airport before she could leave the country. Our poor prosecutor Cha Woo Hyuk who had to do the job!

Ending scene episode 10 "Babel"

Will our Cha Woo Hyuk be able to find counter evidence which will release his beloved Han Jung Won from the accusation of being Tae Min Ho’s killer? This won’t be easy as Tae Yoo Ra will do her utmost to proof Han Jung Won is guilty without any doubts! If Tae Yoo Ra thinks, she can win Cha Woo Hyuk’s heart with this, she is on the wrong track. As Cha Woo Hyuk will tell right in her face, he will fight her if she continues to interfere with Han Jung Won’s case!

Scene "Babel" episode 11

Episode 11 promises to be very interesting at many aspects. The tower of the
Tae family of Geosan Group will start to show cracks after Han Jung Won’s arrest. Enjoy the preview before broadcasting will begin at 22:50 hrs Korean time! Are you ready?

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Credit: sihoossi park@youtube.com, thanks

Link to watch: http://broadcast.tvchosun.com/onair/on.cstv

Credit: TV Chosun & ParkSihooSsi.com, thank you!

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[Babel] Heartbreaking — 4 Comments

    • I don’t believe either, Stefania! I hope she can be released soon, because all this stress is not good for the baby! 🙁

  1. Unfortunately, even if she did not commit the murder, she is liable for complicity at crime. She witnessed and hid the deed and the perpetrator.

    • I agree with you Dana. HJW knows who murdered her husband, but she refuses to tell. I don’t expect her to betray the PA because of her promise to him. Most likely, she uses her last will triump card to get out of trouble the Geosan Group way. I continue to have mixed feelings about HJW.