[Babel] Cha Woo Hyuk’s Choice for Love over Revenge

Park Si Hoo as Cha Woo Hyuk (Babel)

In episode 12 Cha Woo Hyuk felt the power of the Tae family from Geosan Group. First Shin Hyun Sook had him arrested and he was locked in for one night. Then
Tae Yoo Ra took care he was dismissed as prosecutor. From this position
Cha Woo Hyuk couldn’t help Han Jung Won anymore, who didn’t want his help anyway. She blindly believed Cha Woo Hyuk only used her for the sake to revenge his father’s death! Robbed from his job and robbed from his love. Well done
Tae Yoo Ra. You must feel very happy. Such an ugly woman after all!

Scene "Babel"

Although Han Jung Won rejected him because of her lack of trust in him,
Cha Woo Hyuk couldn’t forget about his love for her. He realized very well that
Tae Yoo Ra had no intention to defend Han Jung Won, but wanted her to get sentenced as a murderer. So Cha Woo Hyuk made his choice for love over revenge and turned to the murderer of his father to plea for help to have Han Jung Won set free!

Scenes episode 13 "Babel"

The preview for episode 14 shows us though, this Shin Hyun Sook continues with her dirty work and sets her murderer in action again to kill Han Jung Won upon her release! In front of Cha Woo Hyuk’s eyes. Will he be next? Even a dog can bite his owner, when it is treated bad often enough. Shin Hyun Sook did in episode 12. Her murderer has a scar on his cheek now. So it will be interesting and exciting to watch, whether Shin Hyun Sook’s dog will continue to do as ordered!

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Credit: sihoossi park@youtube.com

Episode 14 will start at 22:50 hours Korean time at TV Chosun.
Link to watch: http://broadcast.tvchosun.com/onair/on.cstv

Credit: TV Chosun & ParkSihooSsi.com, thank you!

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