[Babel] Person in Charge

Park Si Hoo als Cha Woo Hyuk

Last weekend Babel’s episode 6 and 7 provided us with new pieces to complete the puzzle, but it also left us with a lot of new questions. Especially with regard to
Han Jung Won, the woman Cha Woo Hyuk is in love with.

Jang Hee Jin as Han Jung WonSomething which is becoming more obvious every episode is that the real person in charge of the chaebol family of Geosan Group is the mother Shin Hyun Sook. Now that her husband, chairman Tae Byung Chul, is still tied to bed in hospital, because of the helicopter crash, this woman is showing her true colors.

Scene from "Babel"

Shin Hyun Sook is the one who ordered to kill Cha Woo Hyuk, because she holds him responsible for the suicide attempt of her favorite son Tae Soo Ho. Shin Hyun Sook has a man to do the dirty work for her. A nice barber when at work, but a killer, thief or whatever else on command.

Park Si Hoo as Cha Woo Hyuk (Babel)

It is only thanks to the chaebol daughter, Tae Yoo Ra, who is in love with
Cha Woo Hyuk, and promised her mother to get her a copy of the rewritten last will of her father that Shin Hyun Sook withdrew the order to kill. Chairman
Tae Byung Chul made Cha Woo Hyuk rewrite his last will.

Jang Shin Young as Tae Yoo Ra (Babel)

As Tae Yoo Ra has found out that Cha Woo Hyuk is in a relationship with her
sister-in-law Han Jung Won, it is the question, if she will continue to protect
Cha Woo Hyuk against the evil deeds of her mother.

Scene episode 6/7 "Babel"

This same barber guy keeps the pilot’s wife trapped in a cage. So it looks like
Shin Hyun Sook is behind the helicopter crash as well to get rid of both her husband and the despised bastard son Tae Min Ho. All to prevent that Tae Min Ho would be appointed as the heir of Geosan Group instead of her beloved son Tae Soo Ho.
Tae Min Ho left the helicopter before it crashed. So did the stepmother order to kill her stepson as well? This is still one of the many mysteries in this exciting crime drama!

This weekend we can watch how the story continues on Saturday and Sunday evening 22:50 hours Korean time! Let’s take a sneak peak with the preview for episode 8. English and Chinese translation with thanks to ParkSihooSsi.com!

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Credit: TV Chosun & sihoossi park@youtube.com, thank you!

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