Primary Voting “AAA Fan Popularity Award” has started!

Park Si Hoo AAA voting

The Primary voting for the “2018 AAA Fan Popularity Award” has opened today. It takes two rounds to determine the winner of this Award.

  • First round: from October 17, 2018 (10:00 am KST) to October 31, 2018 (11:59 pm KST)
  • Second round from November 2, 2018 (10:00 am KST) to
    November 20, 2018 11:59 pm KST)

In first round 50 candidates are competing for the TOP10 in second round!

Banner Primary Vote 2018 Asia Artist Awards

“Primary voting” is different from the “Pre voting” though. This time you can only vote through the KSTAR application STARPLE on your phone which can be downloaded and installed through either
Logo App Store or

Logo Google Play Store

depending on the type of phone you use (iPhone or Smartphone).

Downloading and installing is easiest when you enter the Asia Artist Awards website through the browser of your phone After clicking one of the banners, you will immediately be taken to the App Store or Google Play. From your PC you’ll see this first QR code Asia Artist Awards

and need to scan this with your phone. I use the app Lightning QR to do so.

The STARPLE page looks like this

STARPLE App pageAfter opening the app, you’ll be asked to sign up/register first, It asks to fill in:

  • your username – check the availability before to continue
  • your ID (email address) – check the availability (my regular email address wasn’t accepted, so I used another one)
  • your password
  • confirmation of your password

Then it asks to agree with terms of use and privacy policy. Tick both boxes and then submit.

Next step is to verify your email address through the button in the confirmation email which is sent to your email address. I didn’t have to wait long for this. It could appear in your spamfolder. So check this too.

After having done all this, you are set to leave 2 hearts (votes) per day. Just click the heart after Park Si Hoo’s name in the category Actor (남자 배우)!

At the moment of writing this post Park Si Hoo is ranked 13th with 2.1%  (785 votes). He needs all of our support to vote him into the TOP10 for the second round!

Thanks for your support!

Credit: Asia Artist Awards, thank you!

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Primary Voting “AAA Fan Popularity Award” has started! — 4 Comments

  1. The new day starts at the local time on your phone.

    You can earn up to 10 free votes a day by watching short videos. When you click the 3 stripes at the left corner above of your phone a menu will appear. Click “Earn votes” and you will be taken to the videos.

    Shortly after midnight overhere Park Si Hoo ranks 12th with 1,675 votes.

  2. Yesterday I had to update the STARPLE app. Tomorrow I noticed there is one more possibility added to earn free votes. As I have never been a game player I’ll leave this to the fans who are mastering to play online games. It would take me ages to reach a required level before the free votes are added. Although chances are higher I won’t even finish level 1! 🙁 So I will continue to leave my daily 12 free votes!

    As far as I can see now, PSH’s ranking sticks around 13.

  3. It’s always midnight in Korea meaning last day of voting is going to start for the final Top10. In my opinion, the Top10 for second and last round has already been decided and our beloved Park Si Hoo won’t be part of it.

    Sad, but I’m not really surprised. We did our share in leaving our daily votes. This morning I had to do a second update of the STARPLE app on my phone. Now the option to buy votes is added.

    For a few days Park Si Hoo was ranked 13th. Now he is ranked 14th with
    23,311 votes (2.8%). Because of the buy option, I’m not sure this will be his final ranking in the Top50.

    Thanks everyone for your support! 😀

  4. Thanks to the support of all of you Park Si Hoo ranked 12th with 33,297 votes at the end of this voting round. Not high enough to enter next round, but he’ll be always number one in our hearts! ♥♥♥