Prevote Asia Artist Awards has ended

The Prevote of the “Asia Artist Awards” has ended.
Park Si Hoo ranked 15th with 2.1% (88,766 votes).
Park Si Hoo will be one of the 50 candidates to vote for starting October 17, 2018.


Park Si Hoo Prevote ranking Asia Artist Awards
Thank you for supporting Park Si Hoo and continue to vote for him as soon as the website of “Asia Artist Awards” will be open to vote again!

Credit: Asia Artist Awards, thank you!

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Prevote Asia Artist Awards has ended — 10 Comments

  1. Wilma, can’t vote because the application does not have the “vote” button. How can I vote?

    • Hello Dana. From your comment I understand you already have downloaded the application STARPLE through Apple or Play to leave your vote?

      Before you can use it, you need to agree with 2 permissions. If you deny, you can’t use the app.

      Then you’ll be asked to sign up. If you don’t, you can’t leave your 2 hearts (votes) a day.
      A screen asks for your username (check the availability), your email-address (check availability). My regular one was denied. So I used another one; a password and confirm the password.

      Next step is to confirm clicking the link they’ll send to your email-address.

      Log in with your ID (email-address) and password and you can leave your 2 hearts with Park Si Hoo.

      Later today I will prepare a new post as I guess more fans will be confused through the new way of voting. 😉

  2. I kiss you, Wilma and thank you. Looks like it’s pretty difficult, but I’ll try. Do I just have to vote only on my phone, not on my PC?

    • As far I have understood, you can vote on phone only, Dana. The SNS accounts are useless now. I didn’t try out registration on the website yet, but I don’t think this will make any difference as the opening message says voting is going through application only and the voting results are taken from the application.

      When I read your first message, I tried it out. On my phone I could easily follow the steps. Just do one step at a time and then you will get through it. Registration part is most difficult one, but once you’re accepted, you can easily do the daily vote. 🙂

  3. Dear Wilma, I managed on my phone to enter the voting site, but after I pressed the heart, this message appeared:
    „You can vote after the E-mail autentification. confirm the e-mail in your mailbox you signed up.”
    I checked my mailbox, but so far nothing has appeared. It takes long?

    • Dear Dana. No, it didn’t take long with me. Did you check your spamfilter? Maybe it has been sent there?

  4. I find dificult this way to vote. The actors lose votes because their popularity and value is more related to the ability and skill of fans to use phone applications. Such a vote is not credible.

  5. Finally, I was able to vote. But to earn more voting opportunities, with all my love for Park Si Hoo, I really will not start playing games on the phone ^^.

  6. Same for me Dana. Two votes a day are for free. To earn more free votes you need to play games or buy votes. I won’t do neither of the two. It will be a miracle when Park Si Hoo ends in round 2 with only 2 votes a day. I saw he already got lower in the list…..