On-Going Voting “Lovely Horribly” Sh K-STAR

"Horribly" Poster "Lovely Horribly"

Frequent voters know all about voting website Sh K-STAR. Last week they added “Lovely Horribly” in the folder “2018 Drama“. The new voting week has started again! When I first voted “Lovely Horribly” ranked 10, but at the end of last voting week it ranked 2!

Stempagina 2018 Drama's Sh K-STAR

A noteworthy feat, but of course, we want “Lovely Horribly” to top the list at number 1! Sh K-STAR is an on-going voting website. Every Saturday (Korean time) voting starts from zero again. So let’s vote “Lovely Horribly” to the top! With joint forces we can make this happen!

Link to votehttp://100479.net/ranking/?code=vote29

You need to be logged in to leave your vote, but Sh K-STAR makes it possible to do so by using one of your social media accounts.

Main cast "Lovely Horribly"

Bring us to the top of the list!


Credit: Sh K-STAR & KBS Drama, thank you! 

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On-Going Voting “Lovely Horribly” Sh K-STAR — 3 Comments

  1. Good morning! I can not understand how SH K-Star make the ratings (yesterday they all had a bigger score than today, as if a new competition had begun). Yesterday Park Si Hoo was on the 1 st place, today it’s on second place with a 1 point difference. Lovely Horribly is already second, with the same percentage as 1st. We know what we have to do, right?

  2. Good morning Dana! Yes, the voting week always starts again from zero every Saturday after midnight Korean time. It is not unusual then that Park Si Hoo is not immediately on 1st spot. Depends on how many had already voted in the early hours!

    I think it will take some effort to get “Lovely Horribly” on 1st spot. Absolutely it has lower points, but in percentage it beats the present number one “Queen of Reason Season 2”. Once all fans are aware “Lovely Horribly” is in the voting list, no doubt, it will take possession of 1st spot!

    Enjoy your weekend Dana! 🙂

  3. Just left my vote for today. “Lovely Horribly” tops the list now with 40.25% and 7.509 points!

    Good job ladies! Let’s continue to leave our daily votes to keep this up! 😀