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It has been a long time since Hoo Factory has posted on their Naver Post and Blog. Have you noticed already?

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Their first post was on September 6 this year to thank all of us for our support through our various SNS channels. Please, click the link below to like this post and leave your supportive comment!

Scene Epi 11-12 "Lovely Horribly"

Their second post was on September 8 this year and has a Q & A-section. Curious about the questions and answers? Then visit the link below, like the post and leave your supportive comment!

Scene Epi 9-10 "Lovely Horribly"

The blog post is from today! It looks back to previous episodes of “Lovely Horribly” and the dangerous scenes our Park Si Hoo has gone through, the recent coffee tractation and what is going to happen next! You have to put in more effort for a translation as Google Chrome browser doesn’t translate the blog automatically, but the gorgeous photos are well worth your visit! Please, click the link below too, like the blog post and leave your supportive comment!

Scene Epi 17-18 "Lovely Horribly"

Scroll the page down and click the arrow in the box as shown in the image below. Then the comment section will open. Scroll further and you’ll see the comment box!

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You have to be logged in to leave a comment on both Naver Post and Blog, but you can choose one of your SNS accounts to do so!

In a few hours “Lovely Horribly” will be aired on KBS 2 TV – 21:50 hours Korean time!

Credit: Hoo Factory Naver  & KBS Drama

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