Happy Chuseok 2018

Happy Chuseok

Edited by Wilma (Peris)

Chuseok is one the biggest and most important holidays in Korea. This year Chuseok holidays started on September 23 and will last till September 26. September 24 is Chuseok day. Usually, Chuseok is a
3-days holiday, but because first day was on a Sunday, Wednesday September 26 is an extra day off.

During Chuseok many Koreans visit their hometowns and spend precious time with their family as well as with friends. Chuseok day starts with memorial services in honor of the ancestors. After the service family members sit together to enjoy delicious foods. It is also tradition to visit ancestral graves and remove the weeds and pay respect to the deceased with a simple service.

As Park Si Hoo is still busy with filming “Lovely Horribly”, he can’t spend time with his family and friends neither can anyone of the cast and crew. Hopefully, they find some time to enjoy Chuseok together!


Credit: English Visit Korea, thank you!

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