Promotion “Lovely Horribly” in Full Swing

Now that the first broadcast of “Lovely Horribly” on Monday August 13, 2018 is approaching KBS vamped up the promotion for the drama!

Characters Poster "Lovely Horribly"

Character Poster Main Cast “Lovely Horribly”

Let’s start with most important first. The Production Presentation of “Lovely Horribly” will be held on:
Thursday August 9, 2018 at 2:35 pm Korean time.
Venue: Times Square, Amoris Hall, 15, Yeongjung-ro Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

The production presentation can be watched live through:

VLive: (web) or the VLive app.
Leave as many hearts and comments as you can while watching to support Park Si Hoo and “Lovely Horribly”!

How will Park Si Hoo look like on the production presentation of “Lovely Horribly”? Undoubtedly, as gorgeous and well-dressed as always. A little bit nervous too at the start and more relaxed towards the end!

Park Si Hoo (Production Presentation Cheongdam-dong Alice)

Park Si Hoo at the Production Presentation of Cheongdam-dong Alice in 2012

After the first preview teaser, the preview teaser for episode 1 was released. It starts with top star Philip Yoo walking through the crowd surrounded by his bodyguards and then it ends scary!

Credit: sihoossi, thank you!

The main posters of “Lovely Horribly” turned out very inspiring and stimulating our curiosity. Judge for yourself!

 "Lovely" Poster "Lovely Horribly"

Aren’t Philip Yoo (Park Si Hoo) and Oh Eul Soon (Song Ji Hyo) looking “Lovely”? Oh, watch out for the shadows behind!

"Horribly" Poster "Lovely Horribly"

Now it’s getting scary. A powerful woman and a fearful man!

The character posters of the main cast each tell their own story. Let’s look at it!

Character Poster Philip Yoo (Park Si Hoo)

“The man who can do everything” ~ Top Star Philip Yoo! Portrayed by Park Si Hoo!

Character Poster Song Ji Hyo (Lovely Horribly)

“A woman who cannot do anything” ~ Drama Writer Oh Eul Soon! Portrayed by Song Ji Hyo!

Character Poster Lee Ki Kwang (Lovely Horribly)

“I can see ghosts with my eyes” ~ Drama Producing Director (PD) Lee Seung Joong! Portrayed by Lee Ki Kwang!

Character Poster Hahm Eun Jung (Lovely Horribly)

“It’s okay, nothing has happened” ~ National Actress Shin Yoo Na! Portrayed by Hahm Eun Jung

Character Poster Ki Eun Yeong (Lovely Horribly)

“Truth of ten billion fingers” ~Drama Writer Ki Eun Yeong! Portrayed by Choi Yeo Jin!

And last, but not least, KBS has created an official website for “Lovely Horribly”!

There is so much more to share, but for now I stop here. Don’t forget to watch the production presentation live on VLive tomorrow, if you can!

Credit: KBS, thank you!

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