“Lovely Horribly” Ranks 5!

Scenes "Lovely Horribly"The TV Drama Topical Top 10 is the result of analyzing online articles, blogs, community, SNS and video responses of 27 TV dramas that are being broadcasted or scheduled to be broadcasted from August 13 to August 19, 2018.

Lovely Horribly ranks 5 in the TV Drama Topical 10 announced on August 20! This is a very good result after the broadcasting of the four episodes in its first week! Of course, we aim for first position!

So let’s show our support for “Lovely Horribly” the best we can to make this happen!

Credit:KBS Drama, sedaily.com & good data, thank you!

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“Lovely Horribly” Ranks 5! — 2 Comments

  1. FROM GOOD TO BETTER AND THE BEST! Step by step, “Lovely Horribly ” must take the first position! All our support for the two protagonists.

    • Thanks for leaving your comment Stefania! Just like you I believe the process to reach first position should be taken step by step in the long run! 🙂