Daum Poll: Vote for “Lovely Horribly”

Poster "Lovely Horribly"

Poster “Lovely Horribly”

Currently a poll is held on Daum running from
2018.08-28 to 2018.09.04.
The question is: “Which drama is best at the moment”?

Intermediate voting position Daum Poll

Intermediate voting position “Lovely Horribly” 2018.08.30

Link to vote: http://media.daum.net/m/entertain/poll/8878/

When you open the website on your PC, mobile or other device, you see this:

Dramas in Daum Poll

Dramas in Poll

Check “Lovely Horribly” and scroll to vote.

Vote for Drama in Daum Poll

Confirm your vote here

When you have done so, a pop-up screen will appear to log-in for your vote. It gives you the choice to log-in with your account on:

  • Daum
  • Kakao
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Choose one of them and confirm. You’re not done yet!

Now that you are logged in repeat the voting process: check “Lovely Horribly” and the vote button.

Then the intermediate position results will show up.

Intermediate Position Daum Poll

Intermediate Position “Lovely Horribly” 2018.08.31

As you can see “Lovely Horribly” tops the list at this moment due to a joint cooperation between all fans who enjoy watching “Lovely Horribly”! It is important to vote daily to hold this position until the end of this poll! You can vote at least once a day.

Let’s keep “Lovely Horribly” on top of this Poll and show everyone how much this drama is appreciated! Thank you!

Credit: Daum media, thank you!

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Daum Poll: Vote for “Lovely Horribly” — 3 Comments

  1. It may be co-incidence, but I tried to vote again for “Lovely Horribly” this morning and my vote was rejected after logging in on all accounts. Even after clearing the cache of my webbrowser I received the message “You have already voted”.

    Maybe I didn’t pass the 24 hours counter yet. Maybe it is only possible to leave one vote per account!

  2. I’ve voted this morning and “Lovely Horribly ” is on the first place with 30%. As we have only two days more to vote , I think Park SI Hoo’s fans must hurry up.WE must keep it on top of all dramas. Go!Go!Go!

    • Good for you that you still can vote Stefania! I tried several times yesterday and again this morning, but the message remains the same: “You have already voted”. 🙁
      For all who can leave their votes, please, continue to do so! Thank you! 🙂