How To Subscribe for Fresh! Park Sihoo TV Channel via PC?

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Most of the time once a week on Saturdays, but sometimes more often, videos are posted on Fresh! Park Sihoo TV Channel. Some videos are for the public to watch, but most are for members only. The videos for example are giving insights into back the scenes impressions of Park Si Hoo’s dramas, when he is on holidays  (Taormina in Italy 2015) which have not been shared with the public. As soon as a new video is online, I’m watching soonest possible. If you want to do as well, how can you subscribe for the channel?

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Follow the steps below to subscribe for Fresh! Park Sihoo TV Channel. Use Google Chrome browser as this will give you the opportunity to translate into any language required for a better understanding.

  • Go to:
  • Register or sign in;
  • If you have to register first for a Freshlive account, click “Create new account” in the pop-up;
  • Register with one of your SNS accounts;
  • Sign in to this account;
  • When registration has succeeded, click “Follow Park Sihoo”;
  • Register as a member for his channel to watch all of the member videos. Monthly fee is 600 Yen to pay by credit card. Subscription will be automatically renewed monthly until cancellation.

Screen shot Fresh! Park Sihoo TV channel
Follow the steps below to also watch the videos on your Smartphone:

  • Download and install the Fresh! app via Google Play Store;
  • Open after install and click the little doll at the bottom right;
  • A pop-up will open with various options to sign in, amongst others SNS accounts. Click for the one you have registered with and sign in;
  • Click on the folder icon in the middle below and the videos of Park Sihoo TV will appear on your screen;
  • Now you can watch the member videos on your Smartphone too!

The Fresh! app is Japanese only, but with this description, it must be no problem to reach Park Sihoo TV channel and sign in. Then you can watch the member videos on both your PC and Smartphone!

Credit: Freshlive TV Park Sihoo Channel, thank you!

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