Songs OST “How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor”

The Drama “How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor” was broadcasted in 2007 from July 25 to September 27 by SBS. It aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:55 pm for 20 episodes. Park Si Hoo played the role of
Yoo Joon Suk.

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Edited by Wilma(Peris)

The OST has 17 songs and was released on August 7, 2007 by
Cookie Entertainment, Neowiz Internet:
  1. 원츄 – Want You – Jung Il Young/Dan Ya
  2. 아름다운 세상을 찾아서 – Finding a Beautiful Life – Connexion feat Beige (Punk Rock)
  3. Burning Love – Kim Hyun Dong/Dan Ya
  4. 발목을 다쳐서 – Hurt Ankle – TimCredit: Jhony, thank you!
  5. 바브라서 – Because I’m a Fool – Beige
    Credit:, thank you!

  6. 곁에 없어도 – Without You – V.A.
    Credit: SARANG, thank you!
  7. 잊지는 않겠어요 – I Will Not Forget – V.A.
  8. 아름다운 세상을 찾아서 – Finding a Beautiful Life – Connexion feat TM (Modern Rock)
  9. Give Thanks – Connexion feat Hong Jong Myung/Jung Ji Yeon
  10. 발목을 다쳐서 – Hurt Ankle – Tim (Lounge Version)
  11. 애별리고 – Distinctly – V.A.
  12. Tango of the Rose – V.A.
  13. Seaside Lovers – Connexion feat Choi Seung Chan on piano
  14. Sunshiny Days – V.A.
  15. 보고 싶은 엄마 – Miss Mom – V.A.
  16. 돌아올 수 없는 길 – No Turning Back – V.A.
  17. Neighbor’s Blues – V.A.

The song below is not in the OST list, but maybe it was released later or it was in the place of number 16. Anyhow, it is a favorite of mine and therefore, I want to include in this post:

어떡해 – What Can I Do? – Gummi.
Credit:, thank you!

Source:, thank you!

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