Merry Christmas Park Si Hoo!

Picture edited by Wilma(Peris)

And so it is Christmas again! From all countries in South East Asia, South Korea is the only one where Christmas is a national holiday. The population of Christians is around 30%; Korea is still a very Buddhist country. On Christmas day students, workers and any official employees are given the day off. It is most likely Park Si Hoo is celebrating Christmas with his family and friends too. Are you enjoying the company of family and friends Si Hoossi? It is well deserved after all your hard work!

Edith from Hungary has created a beautiful Christmas MV for and with
Park Si Hoo in the lead. Girls’ Generation is singing “Merry Christmas”. I promised Edith to share the MV with this Christmas post on the blog! 


Credit: 78, thank you!


Park Si Hoo and everyone a peaceful and blessed Christmas with your family and friends!

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Merry Christmas Park Si Hoo! — 6 Comments

  1. A wonderful Korean Christmas song! This is the first time I get to listen to a Korean Christmas song. Thanks for sharing, Wilma. It’s nice to listen to a different tune and a different way of singing Christmas song. Lovely!

  2. As I like very much this wonderful MV with PSH, wishing him Merry Christmas, and “Girls’Generation” singing their touching version of “Merry Christmas”, I think PSH will enjoy this MV too.
    Congratulations Edith for echanting us and PSH, with your MV for Christmas.
    Wilma thanks for sharing .

    • You’re welcome Stefi! I saw Nikki (Son of Buyeo) had posted the MV on behalf of all Hungarian fans for PSH to watch on Sihoorang. I’m confident too PSH will have enjoyed watching this MV!
      Have a nice Boxing Day! 😀

    • Thanks for the link Dana! I’ve watched this one too.
      Led78 and Edith are one and the same person. 😉
      Have a nice Boxing Day! 😀