Merry Christmas from Dana!

Today Dana shared two Christmas wishes with images from PSH for all friends on this fanblog on my Facebook account. Of course, I am sharing them here for you to see! They are so beautiful. Merry Christmas from Dana to you! 

Credit: Facebook@Dana, thank you!

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Merry Christmas from Dana! — 15 Comments

  1. Yes, Wilma. Indeed these two photos from Daniela are beautiful!. The photos are self-created, right? I believe that Daniela creates the Christmas cards. Just like the ones you posted yesterday, I believe they were created by other fans of PSH too. Very ingenious of her and the others to come up with such creative Christmas cards.

    It just shows that PSH’s acting ability, singing ability, charm, personality and other attributes of his have somehow united fans from all corners of the world. We are always here for PSH and will always be there to support him in his endeavours ( I hope the other fans won’t mind my speaking on their behalf. It’s better to use ‘We’ rather than ‘I’, for I sounds too egoistic.)

    More importantly, thank you Wilma for setting up this blog. Had it not been for your blog, I would still be in the dark about news and photos etc pertaining to PSH.

    • You’re welcome D Lee! I’m happy this blog helps others to get to know about PSH and maybe not a fan yet will turn them into one! 🙂 You were already fan D Lee before you found this blog and now you know a little bit more about our beloved PSH!

  2. Although I saw Daniela’s Christmas cards for PSH on Facebook yesterday and I congratulated her for her beautiful creations, I can’t stop using this opportunity to tell her: “It’s a wonderful , wonderful Christmas” looking at them. Thank you Daniela, because you know how to support PSH, how to praise an excellent actor .
    Thanks Wilma for sharing them on your blog, as we can take them as a piece of art.

    • Thanks Stefi! I am always willing to share beautiful works of other fans which I appreciate myself as well! 🙂

  3. Hey, my dear ladies, I’m here! Because are so many appreciations, I began to feel like a little lamb with pampering horns.

    Wilma, thank you for the honor to posting my Christmas cards on your blog.

    • When I see your creations, Dana, it looks like you have used magic to create them! To achieve this result I think you must have used various different masks. It makes me curious to try out how the end result can be obtained! I always learn from the works of others! 😉

      All appreciations are fully deserved Dana! May I ask you one question? Do you always use your own name or do you use a nickname as well?

      Me, for instance, always sign my photo editings with “Peris”. It’s from the time when I started using Paint Shop Pro and appeared on the web for the first time. Besides, this nick has a special meaning for me, has the same vibration (4) as “Wilma” and I will always use it on/for my creations!

      • Wilma, from the moment I got familiar with the computer, I was attracted by its artistic possibilities, but I have not always had time for them.
        For these static compositions, I used the classic applications PowerPoint and Paint. And of course, Google.
        They are not always good things, because do not appear too often “that feeling”, when you are inspired.
        I like to glade my children and my friends, at birthdays, with such greetings or small videos. Then, once I got acquainted with Park Si Hoo, he became an inspiring reason as well.
        I did not use sign me, but, because “my little inspirations” were, at one time, appreciated and posted on the Internet, I signed with the initials of my name. And more recently, I opted for Dana. The classmates told me Dana. Even my daughters tell me so. I am Daniela in documents, for relatives and close friends.

        • Thanks for your explanation Dana. Do you want me to change Daniela into Dana? I didn’t know until now that your artist name is Dana. So I used Daniela as I knew you under that name from the start.

          I’ve never worked with PowerPoint, Paint or Google. I use the program Paint Shop Pro X2 for all photo editing. I have Magix Video de Luxe for film editing, but I need to get familiar with that first before I can even think of using that for creating something to support Park Si Hoo. If I use slideshow maker I don’t really create something myself. I only tell the program which photos to use, play with the buttons for effects and select a song for the background sound. That’s all and not very satisfying for me. The film editing program requires more efforts from me and is more satisfying in the end!

  4. Dana and Wilma, as I’m not good at creating MVs, I admire you for your beautiful MVs dedicated to PSH , watching them with great pleasure.
    So continue to reveal your talent to enjoy me, and not only me, with your inspirational, excellent MVs, Christmas or birthday cards for PSH. He will admire them too and will be happy with his fans, Wilm and Dana.
    Enjoy Christmas both of you!

    • Thank you Stefi! It feels good to give everyone a happy feeling. Therefore I will continue when I can find the time for it and also continue to improve on what I can’t do yet!
      Enjoy your Christmas too Stefi! 😀

  5. Me too, thanks Stefi. I will continue this good habit, just like you Wilma, if the time permits us.
    I’m late with the response, because I made the sponge cakes (tradiţionalii cozonaci).
    Stefi, Wilma have a wonderful Christmas day !

  6. Wilma, Stefi and Dana, do have a wonderful X’mas! Enjoy the merriment of Christmas Day and have a good tuck-in. 🙂

    Can’t help wondering how our dear PSH celebrates Christmas though.