Songs OST “Queen of Reversals”

Among the fans of Park Si Hoo exist many blogs as well as groups on Weibo, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to support him the best they can. The fans are spread all over the world. So a lot of different articles, MVs and photos are circulating all over the globe. Sometimes I think: “There is so much available already. What can I add to it?”


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Personally, I am very much interested in the songs of the OSTs which come with dramas and/or movies. In my little notebook I found a message from a little while ago “Ost of the dramas”. So I decided to make a start with that. As Goo Yong Shik is still my number one of all characters, I start with the OST of “Queen of Reversals“. If available, I will insert a MV as well. The OST was released on October 25, 2010 by Sony Music. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

1. Cry – Kim Gun Mo

Credit:, thank you!

2. Learn a Farewell – Tim

Credit:, thank you!

3. Bravo – Bae Ki Sung

Credit:, thank you!

4. Shall Live When I die – Chae Jung Ahn

Probably, this song is more known as or replaced by “Let’s Be Happy” – Byul

Credit: hwangbo101’, thank you!

5. Unspoken Word – Kim Song Yi

Probably, this song is more known as or replaced by “Dazzling Confession” – Sung Si Kyung

Credit:, thank you!

6. Cry (instrumental) – various artists
7. Learn a Farewell (instrumental) – various artists
8. Bravo (instrumental) – various artists
9. Shall Live When I Die (instrumental) – various artists
10. Unspoken Word (instrumental) – various artists

There was also a Special OST released on November 30, 2010.

1. I Go – Kim Bo Kyung

Credit:, thank you!

2. I Go (instrumental) Kim Bo Kyung

Credit: Drama Wiki, thank you!

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