Release “After Love” Decided on March 2016


Finally, it has been decided the relaese of “After Love” will be in March 2016. This official poster came with the announcement.

The filming started mid-November 2014 on Jeju Island and ended February 1, 2015. Filming has taken place in both South Korea and China. The movie is a joint-venture of South Korea, China and Japan. Director of the movie is Eo Il Seon.

Park Si Hoo plays pilot Kim Sung Joon who became deaf on right ear and had to continue his work on the ground.
Yoon Eun Hye plays Eun Hong who married with Sung Joon after a blind date.

“After Love” is a sad love story in which Sung Joon realized how much he loved his wife after her sudden death. He starts searching for her first love to discover it has been him. They had known each other before, but he hadn’t recognized her when they met again after many years.

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