Merry Christmas 2015


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Everywhere Christmas has its own traditions. At least, in the countries where they celebrate Christmas.
The South Korean love to celebrate Christmas. In Seoul buildings are decorated with lights as well as the churches. At top of
N-Seoul Tower couples in love can frame their love with a padlock.

Another Christmas celebration is Lotte World Festival with a Christmas parade with Santa Claus, fairies and other Christmas characters together with singing and dancing. A real Christmas train is riding around with Lotte World mascotte Lotty showing you all attractions like the 20 meter high Christmas tree of the amusement park.

This video shows you the Christmas Parade in 2013.

Credit:, thank you!

Everland Theme Park holds its White Christmas Parade in the open air.

This video is from the Christmas Parade in 2014.

Credit: 유성열, thank you!

Park Si Hoo is in the midst of shooting for “Neighborhood Hero”.
Will cast and crew be allowed to catch up with family and join the celebrations for one day?
They deserve it after all the hard work so far!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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