Imagine Meeting with Park Si Hoo


Credit photo: twitter, thank you.

If you happen to have the chance to attend a fan meeting or other event with Park Si Hoo, you could be one of the lucky persons to stand face to face with him as one of the winners with the lucky draw. Ah, so exciting, but what to say? You don’t speak Korean! Help!

Credit photo: parksihoo4u, thank you.

Credit photo: parksihoo4u, thank you.

How about practicing a short conversation in Korean?

It’s your turn to receive your prize and you walk up to Park Si Hoo.

He welcomes you with:
“안녕하세요” ~ annyeonghaseyo ~ Hello.

You can simply return the greeting:
“안녕하세요” ~ annyeonghaseyo ~ Hello.

He: “성함이 어떻게 되세요?” ~ seongham-i eoteoke doeseyo? ~ What is your name?

You: “키미코예요” ~ Kimiko e-yeo~ I am Kimiko.

He: “어디에 오세요?” ~ eodi-e oseyo? ~ Where do you come from?

You: “일본에 와요” ~ ilbon-e wayo ~ I come from Japan.

He: “키미코씨 반가워요” ~ kimiko-ssi bangaweoyo – Mrs Kimiko nice to meet you.

You: “시후씨도 반가워요” ~ sihoo-ssi-do bangaweoyo ~ Mr Sihoo nice to meet you too.

What do you think? Could you remember this in front of
Park Si Hoo? Or would you feel too flustered?

I’m sure our Si Hoo will feel happy too, when you give him your smile instead.^^


Credit photo: twitter, thank you!

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