Chuseok Is Approaching

The Koreans celebrate Chuseok every year on August 15 of the lunar calendar which is now September 27 of the Gregorian calendar. The date of the Gregorian calendar differs every year. Chuseok is one of the biggest holidays in Korea and lasts for 3 days ~ the day before Chuseok, the day of Chuseok and the day after Chuseok. As September 27 falls on a Sunday the Chuseok holidays is from Saturday September 26 to Tuesday September 29.

This week I want to share information about Chuseok for a better understanding of this festivity in the lifes of the Koreans and
Park Si Hoo as well as long as I can find something interesting.

Let’s start with a video that gives an explanation about Chuseok from an online Korean class which means we can practice some Korean at the same time.^^

Credit: Learn Korean with, thank you!

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