Cast Completed for “Neighborhood Hero”

The main and supporting roles in “Neighborhood Hero” are all filled. Let’s take a look at them.

Male leading role:


Park Si Hoo as former secret agent Baek Si Yoon. Currently running a neighborhood bar in a small town hiding his past. He becomes familiar with his regular customers and learns about their
worries. He teaches a young man, who wants to become a police officer, the skills of a secret agent. Together they fight the evil in the neighborhood.

Female leading role:


Kwon Yuri as aspiring writer Bae Jung Yeon. She is using
Baek Si Yoon’s bar as her work place to observe people, but gets interested in one man particularly.

Supporting roles:


Lee Soo Hyuk. No mentioning about his role yet, but probably the young man who wants to become a police officer and fights the evil with Baek Si Yoon.


Jo Sung Ha as police officer Im Tae Ho.


Yoon Tae Young as Korean-American Yoon Sang Min who grew up in a poor neighborhood, learnt taekwondo and kungfu to defend himself, but ended up as a street gang member.


Jung Man Sik as intellingence agent and team leader
Jung Soo Hyuk who worked with Baek Si Yoon.

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Cast Completed for “Neighborhood Hero” — 6 Comments

  1. The most important is that Park Si Hoo is exited about his character and considers himself lucky to get the role. What could I wish more? Maybe an outstanding OST as TPM OST is?

    For me wasn’t a surprise that a kpop idol is one of main cast members because nowadays is something must-do in casting for kdramas, but if you ask me I would have preferred a leading actress more mature (30-35) not as young as Yuri (25), will see how she will deal with it.
    Anyway, from my point of view are many premises for a good drama, but I don’t consider that of its success depends Park Si Hoo’s future as entertainer, would be too simplistic and unrealistic to put all the weight on his shoulders. I’m sure he will deliver a great performance as always, but are many factors which contribute to a successful drama, such is the scenario and I understand the scriptwriter is rookie, I hope is super talented, and so on.

      • I understood what you meant Daniela, but thanks for correcting anyway.

        Park Si Hoo is known for only accepting roles which are challenging to him and enable him to improve his acting skills. So I’m sure he recognized some of his previous expericiences he can fall back on and increase with new ones by taking this role of Baek Shi Yoon.

        You’re right, Kdramas are the platform to launch Kpop idols in their acting career. I don’t think we have to worry much about Yuri’s young age. Park Si Hoo is also known as a good mentor who can lift his costars to a higher level.

        I’m really looking forward to final result of “Neighborhood Hero”. Most of the time OCN delivers dramas of high quality which are high rated as well. So it has a reputation to keep up!^^

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  3. OMG! I’m happy that the synopsis of this drama seems to be great! A Robin Hood character which would suit Park Si Hoo well. An ACTION come back! great..great..great..
    He is extremely a good actor, handsome and so naturally appealing that any viewers would wanna keep watching. Hoping that the plot would really be good as the success of a certain drama/movie is relied on the leads, but of course the leads DRAWS the peoples’ interest and the plot INTENSIFIES the viewers interest, hence keeping them till the movie ends.
    Park Si Hoo is one K Talent that will be of a great waste to let go.
    I’m really happy that he is back!!

    Fighting! and more power to you. I love and got really hooked w/ you since your drama The Princess’ Man.

    I’m excited and will surely be waiting for this!

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment Tel.^^

      I’m really happy too that Park Si Hoo is returning with this new Kdrama in January 2016. He is not only a good actor himself, but is also able to make better actors of his costars.