Another photo of Park Si Hoo in Italy

Another photo of Park Si Hoo in Italy popped up. When I saw this one I thought immediately “Harry Potter”. Probably the kind of glasses made me think like this. How about you?

Credit:, thank you!

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Another photo of Park Si Hoo in Italy — 4 Comments

  1. Park Si Hoo must be very tired because he looks fragile and a little bit weird with those HP eyeglasses, I mean his eyes. I confess that I like more a hair color darker, nearer of his natural color, this one makes him look pale, maybe younger but I don’t think is necessary because youth comes from inside and he has it.

    • I agree with you Daniela. The fatigue emanates from his face. The look in his eyes, a faint smile. After all, he arrived early in the evening in Rome on Monday and next morning he was at work already. Park Si Hoo is living on a tight schedule right now.

      It’s true a lighter hair color makes look younger, but if you have a light skin it makes you look paler as well. I guess they want him to look like this for whatever photoshoot he is doing at the moment. Just like you I prefer a darker hair color. I miss his natural black. His youthful appearance comes from heart. He will always look younger than his calendar age.

      • Moreover, the time zone change…

        In QofR that light red was too much as well.
        I hope in NH won’t be any eccentricity regarding his hair, I miss his natural hair color too, but also no mushroom hair cut, please! Maybe I ask too much…^^

        • Yes, the time zone change must have played a big part as well.

          Oh, I did never mind the hair color of Goo Yong Shik. That’s just part of his personality and GYS is still my favorite. Mushroom hair cut? You mean the one he had with the Ise Shima event? Well, I didn’t like that either. I guess it was meant to emphasize the hat he was wearing. However, they better avoid it with Baek Shi Yoon in NH.^^