Park Si Hoo Will Attend Charity Event in Busan 2015.08.29


On Saturday August 8 Sihoorang announced that Park Si Hoo will attend a charity event to be held at MBC Sam Joo Art Hall in Busan on August 29, 2015 at 6 pm. On Monday August 10 various media provided additional information about this charity event.

The event is sponsored by a Chinese company to help Chinese orphans from Wuhan City in Hubei county. They have invited
Park Si Hoo because he has been taken part in charity projects since his debut until now, is Hallyu Top Star in China and has made donations there as well. His Chinese fans have contributed to charity projects on his behalf too. Park Si Hoo considers his attendance as a way to pay back his Chinese fans for their love and support.

Park Si Hoo will be present for an autograph session as well as a souvenir photo for two hours.

A meeting with domestic fans has been scheduled in October 2015 related to the Korean-Chinese joint-venture movie “After Love”.

Credit: Sihoorang &, thank you!

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